10+ Hairstyles That We Considered Bad All These Years, And Suddenly became fashion

Fashion is a capricious lady, so trends sometimes change with the speed of light. And the desperate beauty industry workers are not tired of coming up with something new. But in our world, everything is cyclical, and many familiar things come back to us sooner or later.


We wrote secular chronicles and found out which hairstyles, which were previously skeptical and ironic, have now become the dream of modern girls.

1. Mallet

This hairstyle, which got the humorous name of “front work, back party”, used to be considered the hallmark of punks. And those who dared to cut their hair in this way were ranked among the hillbilly. But today, the original haircut returned in the wake of interest in the 80s.

2. High tail

The super-high tail on the top was worn by many girls in the 90s. The hairstyle became widespread thanks to Barbie dolls and has long been considered a sign of infantilism. But today, stars make themselves such a hairstyle with pleasure, it is also found in fashion models at fashion shows of world-famous designers.

3. Corrugation

Corrugated wave was popular with many stars in the early 2000s. But this hairstyle, which was called “waffle” , has developed a very critical attitude. However, skeptics have subsided today, and bizarre wavy curls are increasingly found among trendsetters.


4. Hairstyles with large elastic bands

According to Carrie Bradshaw, the character of Sarah Jessica Parker from the series “Sex and the City”, stylish women do not wear an elastic band for hair. But, as current trends show, this is a highly controversial statement. This convenient accessory is often used by Haley Baldwin, Bella Hadid and other style icons.

5. Ombre

10+ Hairstyles That We Considered Bad All These Years, And Suddenly became fashion
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The technique of hair coloring, in which 2 shades are mixed together, has often been criticized in the past. It was believed that ombre creates the illusion of overgrown roots. But with today’s fashion for naturalness, such a beauty reception has a lot of fans.


6. Pixie

The first known woman to try on this haircut, was Audrey Hepburn. In the film “Roman Vacations”, the actress courageously got rid of her chic curls. This gave rise to a whole wave of fashion: famous women, including supermodel Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow, cut their long hair, proclaiming “freedom from fetters.” Then such slogans were not to everyone’s liking, but today the girls’ right to self-expression and longing for retro- style have given rise to pixie fashion.

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