10 Old-Fashioned Things That Found an Replacement in 2020s

Every woman has a favorite thing that she has been wearing for years, and then unwittingly looking for a similar style on store shelves. But over time, any clothing runs the risk of being considered a sign of bad taste and to replenish the list of antitrends. In this case, you should not be upset, because every thing always has a chance to break into the fashion arena again in its best embodiment.

We are delighted with 10 fashionable alternatives to things that many consider obsolete. And the bonus at the end of the article will be a great find for those who are not afraid of bold accessories.

Skirt with Basques

Those who especially like peplum skirts should once again recall their favorite style. Designer Olga Selivanova included the Basque in the new spring-summer collection. True, now this item has become less airy, is no longer sewn to the skirt, as before, and it can be worn with various things, including jeans.

Denim total look

The images in which Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake flaunted in 2001 are now shocking and perplexing. However, total denim is not considered something shameful if you give preference to a looser silhouette and avoid shiny elements

Pink color

The pink color, beloved by many, is also in no hurry to lose ground. But now it’s better to take note of the shade of fuchsia and not be afraid to combine a colorful pattern.

Long denim skirt

Denim skirts are back in fashion, though in a longer version. In addition, now it is better to mix them with a jacket or denim jacket and not be afraid of bold colors.

Plain white tank top

An ordinary white shirt fits almost everything, and in a white version it also perfectly refreshes the look. In the 2020s, stylists again adopted such a style.

Shiny dress

Do not discount glitter and sequins. In addition, there is good news: these elegant dresses can now not only be worn at parties, but also walk quietly through the streets in the daytime.


A spectacular trouser suit is a classic for all time. When choosing this option, it is now worth putting aside the black and white gamut and boldly experiment with bright colors.

Dress in peas

Light peas dresses are one of the main trends in the spring of 2020. This season, designers offer us many options for outfits on which peas are scattered – both large and small.


A warm scarf not only helps us not freeze, but also plays the role of an important finishing element in the image. But the knitted collar has outlived its own, so now it is better to replace it with a classic scarf.

Sport style

Sport chic has long entered the fashionable arena, in which convenience is competently combined with elegance and sophistication. Therefore, do not be afraid to mix sportswear with other styles .

Bonus: : Eyeglass chains

Previously, only ladies of elegant age wore such a frame, but now the eccentric model is included in the collection of famous brands. Fashionistas who this spring will risk trying on glasses on a chain do not fail, because in addition to the aesthetic function, this accessory also performs a practical one: the glasses will definitely not be scratched or lost.

Do you have a favorite thing that you will never throw out of the closet, despite the fashion and the advice of friends?

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