12 Color Combination for Dress Women

Fashion is change, so people who find their style and follow it. Color plays a dominant role in the fashion world. Each year, the Pantone Color Institute , specializing in trend forecasting, publishes the colors of the season. Almost everything could be seen at the beginning of the year on the stage and secular ceremonies.

Happy Worthy Life was inspired by the vibrant images of the season and color schemes from Pantone Color Institute. We are sure that our readers will also learn something new in their combinations for their own wardrobe. There is also a bonus in the article – a selection of trends.

1. Scarlet flame + fuchsia

Bright red, or “scarlet flame” according to the Pantone Color Institute, symbolizes confidence and determination. This is just the king of the color of the current season. In combination with fuchsia, it looks very noble.

2. Green + pink

The designers of the Vietnamese brand VUNGOC & SON brought these bright colors to the fashion show in New York, which took place in February this year at Kennedy Airport. For those who are looking for something new, a similar combination will seem fresh and interesting.

3. A mixture of bright and rich colors

This color scheme is also fashionable this season. Have you ever done quilting? A good reason to remember this hobby. An experiment with colliding shades was also presented at the winter fashion show in New York.

4. Purple + pink

Purple is not the most common in clothes, but how much nobility it adds to popular pink! A mix of purple and violet shades this season is called Grape Compote

5. Saffron + fuchsia, saffron + coral pink

One of the fashionable ones this season is saffron, a universal color. Ideal in harmony with classic shades, fits well with unusual color schemes. Such combinations were proposed by fashion designer Christian Ciriano.

6. Bright green accent

The tendency to use a bright green accent, which can be called neon, suddenly returned to the catwalks. This year, collections with such a color were demonstrated by Balenciaga , Saint Laurent , Christian Cowan .

7. Coral pink + green

Designers of the Custo Barcelona spring-summer 2020 collection are sure that these colors are a hit of the season. Spring is fresh and feminine. Coral Pink is Coral Pink offered by Pantone Color Institute.

8. Pink + black

It seems that the motto of the season is “Pink is never enough.” The right shade of pink goes to girls and women, and designers of fashion houses Balenciaga and  Chanel prove this with their collections.

9. Golden + vibrant pink

Designers Saint Laurent , Celine , Dolce & Gabbana included all shades of gold in their collections. If it seems that it is very bold, you can start with  accessories in golden color.

10. Orange Peel + Sunlight

Well, very positive color names: Orange Peel, Sunlight . You just can’t help but smile. Fashion house Versace actively used them in the show preceding this season. Speaking at the start of the show, Donatella Versace said the following words: “A slight imperfection is a new ideal.”

11. Double denim

Not that denim is out of fashion, but looking at such an abundance of jeans, we can say: “Hello, 90s and zero.” Denim in the creation of their collections used fashion houses Burberry , Chloé and  Christian Dior .

12. Green + Blue

Such an unusual combination of colors is offered by fashion houses Saint Laurent , Balenciaga , Prada . With the right shades, it looks fresh and stylish.

Bonus: the main trends of season

Prints of the 60s. Ageless classic. Use of prints of the 60s is offered this season by designers of houses Celine and  Chanel .

Probably, in the modern world it is no longer possible to surprise anyone with unusual color schemes. And what combinations seem bold to you?

Preview photo by Adme, Pantone,

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