12 Fashion Trends of the Past No One Like But Somehow Became Popular Again in 2020

The expression “everything new is actually well-forgotten old” is the best description of fashion. Having been in well-forgotten for a couple of decades, some trends are gaining popularity again, and now fashionable solutions of the 90s and early 00s are just relevant. We were delighted with oversized clothes, sneakers and leather trousers, but some of the returned trends are just bewildering.


We love to keep up with the times, but these 12 fashion are unlikely to be applied in our life.

1. “Beef” lips

The name itself does not sound very attractive, and such a make-up looks also ambiguous. Remember, in the 90s, women diligently outlined their lips with a dark brown pencil, and painted over pink inside? This is the “beef” lips. And they were named so because it looks like a medium-rare steak. And yes, they are back.

2. Mullet haircut

This is perhaps the most popular hairstyle of the last 50 years, both men and women like it. The first wave came in the 70s: then the mullet was worn by Paul McCartney and David Bowie. In the 80s and 90s, the haircut did not give up its positions. Last time we checked, the mullet was the long-forgotten style that bikers, rockers and Ziggy Stardust left mercifully behind in the 80s. Now though, it’s been picked up, dusted off and given a modern makeover.

3. Square-Toe Shoe


Square-toe shoes are a trend back in full force. As hints of the ’90s keep making their way back into the fashion conversation, it’s only fitting that this chunky of-the-era style is deemed cool again. Now, both established and emerging designers are giving modern twists to the throwback shoe.

4. Cardigan with buttons

All girls in the late 90s had short buttoned cardigans. We put them on T-shirts or dresses. And those who are bolder, and celebrities wore them directly on their naked bodies. And now it’s time to buy similar blouses again , because literally all trend makers have already acquired them.


5. Hairstyle “horns”

This childish hairstyle was worn in the 90s and early 00s by quite adult girls. And now, after almost 20 years, this trend is back, many celebrities again making horns for themselves. For example, Jay Lo recently published a post where she combined two trends at once: “horns” and curls of baby hair.

6. Bra for show


Underwear has reached the outer exposures of fashion’s coolest closets, from structured bustiers to barely-there bralettes and everything in between. As an unapologetic celebration of femininity, body positivity, and shaving a few minutes off getting dressed in the morning, this trend is here for the long haul.

7. Two-Tone Hair

When we were in school, many girls gathered their hair in a ponytail, leaving two strands of hair on their faces. Women who managed to persuade their parents also discolored these strands. And now, when we have already managed to forget about this strange fashionable trend , it is again in trend.


8. Hawaiian style shirts

Clothes with bright patterns made a lot of noise in the 50s and 60s. Later, in the 90s, only a lazy person did not buy such a shirt. If you still have one, take it out and put it on boldly : you will be “very style”.

9. Sandals with long ties

We sure that at least once you bought yourself sandals with ties, which were tied for half an hour each time. Because it is asymmetrical, sometimes too tight, sometimes too weak. Now this lacing is back in vogue. Would you wear these sandals again?

10. Chunky Chain Necklaces

Chains have been worn around neck for many centuries, but if we take modern history, then massive chains came into fashion in the 60s and 70s. Then there was a fashionable revolution, punk subculture was born and became popular. The cult figure of this movement, Sid Vicious wore a large chain with a lock. These are decorations we can see on modern celebrities.

11. Low-rise pants

While the world has not been overjoyed at a high waist for several years now, stars are increasingly starting to appear in low- rise pants. We can only hope that now it will not be as extremely low as at the beginning of the century.

13. Shadows with metallic effect

Now the fashion for matte makeup has passed, and “metallic” is back in trend, not only shadows, but also lipsticks. True, in a modern interpretation it looks much better.

Which of these fashion trends were in your life in the 90s or 00s? Would you like to repeat something in the present?

Photo by Shutterstock , Twitter

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