12+ Fashion Trends Yesterday Met on Every Corner And Today Enrage Millions of People

For many people, trendy things are an important way of expressing themselves. However, some modern trends seem really cool, while others so bad. We admit that trendy clothes look good only on models and advertising posters. And it does not stand up to the test of real life, being uncomfortable and even unwearable.


We at Bright Side came across a forum with heated discussions of trends on the Internet, where people, without hesitation expressions, spoke about fashionable things that disappointed them after the purchase. And at the end, a bonus video awaits you – a situation that everyone can get into by putting on high-heeled shoes in the wrong place.


  • Crocs are not suitable for any clothing. Do not wear them to the beach, supermarket, or walking your dog. It doesn’t matter if they are bright or not. These are holey shoes that you are supposed to be comfortable in. But they seem terrible to me.  Joanne Wong / quora

12+ Fashion Trends Yesterday Met on Every Corner And Today Enrage Millions of People
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  • Who invented this? For me, these are the most disgusting shoes in the world. Have you ever seen people walking in crocs in the tropics? As a result, they get a polka dot sunburn. Derick Chen / quora

Leggings as pants

  • I hate wearing leggings because I feel unprotected. Everyone seems to be looking at me because these pants are too tight and many of them are also translucent. I only feel comfortable in them when I am wearing a long shirt. Rayne Bastian / quora
  • It annoys me when leggings worn like pants. This trend is one of the most disgusting I’ve ever seen. I believe that leggings should be worn with elongated tops, shirts, dresses that cover the buttocks. Megh Konna / quora



  • What’s the point? You’re supposed to wear this with pants, but you could easily just tuck in your shirt to get the same look, and you wouldn’t have such a hassle when you go to the bathroom and have to take everything off. This just seems completely unnecessary. Gabrielle Koetsier / quora

Plastic shoes

  • Just looking at these shoes makes my feet sweat. I can imagine how difficult it is for those who feel sweat between their toes and try to look cute at the same time. People probably feel like crocodiles in the middle of summer. Sticky, slippery and smelly. In addition, it is easy to rub your feet with this material.  Ariel Dreyfus / quora


Knitted tank tops

  • It’s blazing hot outside. You leave your arms bare so that you’ll be nice and cool. BUT… you wear a thick sweater knit? It makes no sense. Tank tops should be light and thin so they breathe easily; sweaters should cover your arms. Gabrielle Koetsier / quora
  • Weren’t crop tops a means to ward off the heat in style? If so, then knitted crops would mostly be a paradox in itself. Cropped enough to keep you cool yet warm enough to make you sweat. Though definitely trendy, yet they defies all logic and reason. Still not one of those most outrageous of fashion blunders. Anastasia Clinton / quora

Split Toe Shoes

Modern hair coloring techniques

  • It just looks neglected, like you dyed your hair once and then gave it up and your roots are showing. Casey McAlister / quora


Drawn eyebrows

  • Shaving off your eyebrows and then drawing them back on. I didn’t even realise this was a thing people did until recently, when I realised that one of my colleagues did this. To be honest I thought there might’ve been something wrong with her eyebrows which was none of my business, until I overheard her talk about it to someone else and realised she removed her perfectly normal and healthy eyebrows to draw on fake ones. Naomi Green / quora

Dirty sneakers

  • Expensive sports shoes that look like they’ve been worn for at least 5 years . They are so ugly that I doubt anyone would have decided to buy them if they did not know that they are from the famous Gucci brand.  Maja Burazin / quora



  • They seem very comfortable and … disgusting! You can put 3 more people in them. Absolutely wrong length to width ratio. © Liz George / quora
12+ Fashion Trends Yesterday Met on Every Corner And Today Enrage Millions of People
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“Friends, I just bought culottes at sale. I am still undecided if they are adorable or funny. Or ridiculously adorable. But I’ll tell you what: they are very comfortable. “

Jeans with holes at the knees

  • I can totally understand the appeal behind ordinary ripped jeans, but I just cannot wrap my head around this. These jeans basically bring your knees to the centre of attention. Of all the human body parts, it’s the knees. Why? Knees are kinda weird and gross. I’ve heard people have a thing for ankles, calves, thighs and feet, but never for knees. Really don’t get this. Rina Shetty / quora

Ripped tights

  • Stockings have either been meant to waver off the bits of chill ruling the air or to pull of a really short dress with decency, it’s quite obvious that stockings are a supplement to fashion and not the actual maker of any outfit. Yet when ripped stockings became a thing, they sure became the look breakers. Needless to say, these should not even classify as fashion. Anastasia Clinton / quora

Burgundy lipstick

  • This color can make even a young woman’s face look like a sinister vampire. Some women have rather stern faces which they make even more intimidating with this lipstick shade. By the way, with burgundy lipstick, the teeth seem yellower . The older I get, the lighter my lipstick is. For mature ladies, I recommend using gray eyeliner and pale pink lipstick or gloss. In any case, it is better to choose a shade close to your own lip color. Sara Russell / quora

Bonus: when you decided to wear high heels to a beach party

25+ fashion trends that yesterday met on every corner, and today enrage millions of people
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What current trends annoy you?

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