12 Trends From 2000s I Wanted to forget, Like a Nightmare, but They Back in Fashion

Remembering some trends from the past, it is hard to believe that the whole world once admired them. However, fashion often makes a feint with your ears and re-opens the way for things whose triumphant return no one has expected. And now people again dye their hair in incredible shades and buy clothes that the whole Internet laughed a couple of years ago.

We at Happy Worthy Life still cannot believe that all this is back in fashion, but we are ready to present 12 trends that have regained their former glory and successfully broke into the 2020s.

1. Coloring “white top, black bottom”

In fashion back two-tone hair color, which in the 2000s were so fond of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and regular fashionista. Singer Dua Lipa and Billy Elish have already tried on forgotten technique.

2. Carrot face

Again the trend is the “smoked skin” , which was previously sought with the help of a solarium and tanning. Now the face is almost carrot-colored already ceases to be a sign of bad taste and like many stars. Just look at how Kendall Jenner’s shade goes.

3. Ultrashort shorts

Another notable comeback in 2020 is ultra-short shorts . Obviously few will decide on them. But before those daredevils who are not afraid to go out into the street in this form, designers and stylists will definitely take off their hats.

4. Velcro sandals

Fans of sports shoes, trendsetters advise to put aside sneakers and replace them with sandals with Velcro. It’s time to remember that shoes reminiscent of a children’s camp and broken knees are not only comfortable, but also versatile. Now in it you can go to a feast, and to the world, and to good people.

5. Headbands

In the spring-summer season 2020, the main emphasis in the images is placed on decorations. In particular, narrow rims for hair again conquer the fashion arena .

6. Retroprints

Deliberately old-fashioned ornaments burst into the ranks of hot trends. If you are tired of plain things and want to add variety to your wardrobe, feel free to buy a new print dress.

7. Very wide jeans like rappers

Very wide jeans, like rappers from the 2000s, came into fashion . At first glance, this style does not look feminine at all, but this model is able to emphasize piquant bends: visually the waist is already thanks to the belt and the expanded lower part.

9. Long oblique bangs

The long slanting bangs had not yet been forgotten, but nevertheless, stylists again propose to consider it as one of the options for designing strands. Its main advantage is that it makes an elegant haircut of any length and is suitable for different types of faces.

10. Rectangular glasses

There are never many sunglasses , as this is the perfect way to refresh any look or hide your face from prying eyes. This year, rectangular glasses with bright glasses are once again becoming one of the trending models.

11. Cargo pants with patch pockets

Cargo pants are a hybrid of uniforms of military and workers. This style is distinguished by wide legs and a lot of patch pockets. And yes, these trousers are also in fashion again.

12. Highlighting

Returns to fashion and classic highlighting. Jennifer Lopez already tried on a forgotten trick in staining and did not fail.

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