12 Useful Inventions of Clothes and Shoes in Your Wardrobe

Surely each at least once with frenzy tore a long and prickly tag from a T-shirt or underwear. Meanwhile, some have already come up with things with labels that are attached to an extra piece of fabric. And there were quite a few such inventions in the world of clothes and shoes. What are the leggings for yoga, reporting errors in poses.

We at Happy Worthy Life have buried ourselves in our own and other’s wardrobes to find things with useful inventions that we have long dreamed about.

1. Underwear without “letters of happiness”

2. Pajamas for relaxation and muscle recovery after training

On the inside of the pajamas , a special pattern of flexible bioceramics is applied. This substance is able to absorb the heat generated by humans, and then “return” it in the form of long infrared waves. They, according to scientists, contribute to better relaxation and recovery of muscles after injuries or very productive workouts.

3. Sling scarf and sling backpack, which can be worn at the same time to carry two children at once

4. Jacket that reports a call or message

The  jacket has a touch sleeve, with which you can remotely play music and use the navigator. Also, the owner of this thing will always know about the call or message received on his phone, as the jacket will begin to vibrate. If the distance between the phone and the person is too large, the device on the sleeve will glow.

5. Color shoe galoshes that protect shoes from getting wet

6. Yoga leggings that use your phone’s application to report your posture errors

They are equipped with sensors and biometric sensors that are synchronized with the smartphone application. During the lesson, leggings evaluate the correctness of the performance of a particular pose. If the pose is incorrect, then the leggings will vibrate in the place that needs to be adjusted.

7. Clothing with tags that can be cut off without losing fabric

8. Swimwear to ensure that you are not sunburned

The swimsuit has a built-in waterproof sensor that works through a mobile application. The sensor tracks the weather and how much time you spent in the sun. It will notify you when you need to apply sunscreen or go into the shade.

9. Pads on the internal backs of shoes that will not allow it to wear out quickly

12 Useful Inventions of Clothes and Shoes in Your Wardrobe

10. Anti-fall shoes for seniors

12 Useful Inventions of Clothes and Shoes in Your Wardrobe
© B-shoe  

A balancing mechanism is mounted in the insole and heel of the boot. These shoes catch the moment when a person begins to lose balance, and the device gently takes his foot back, restoring balance.

11. The strap at the park, thanks to which it does not have to be carried in hands

12 Useful Inventions of Clothes and Shoes in Your Wardrobe

12. Two-sided tight swimsuit of bright color, when wet, intimate parts of your body will not be visible

12 Useful Inventions of Clothes and Shoes in Your Wardrobe

And what things with useful inventions are in your wardrobe? Share photos with us: the world must see them.

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