12 Wardrobe Items That Wealthy People Avoid While Others Consider Fashionable

Wealthy people have always been trendsetters, which many have sought to emulate. But in the modern world, brilliance and luxury have long ceased to be an indicator of security. Unfortunately, not everyone has learned this yet, because the desire to look like a million often leads to the opposite effect.

At Happy Worthy Life, we are convinced: the more money a person has on his account, the more restrained he looks. In our selection today, there are antitrends that account holders expressed in six-digit amounts prefer to bypass.

1. Patent shoes

12 Wardrobe Items That Wealthy People Avoid While Others Consider Fashionable
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Wealthy people use shiny patent leather shoes only in special cases. In everyday life, such a choice would look out of place. If there is a desire to wear such shoes in the office, you should choose a discreet classic design. Also, wealthy women of fashion have recently been wearing suede shoes.

2. Silk scarf

A silk neckerchief is not suitable for everyday wear, and in combination with jewelry it becomes a bad manners at all . You can depart from this rule only in one case – if such an accessory is tied to a plain bag.

3. Massive watches

A bulky watch on a thin female wrist looks like a foreign object and attracts a lot of unnecessary attention. And the more restrained the design of watches, the more expensive they are, as a rule . Today, eminent fashion lawmakers propose to adhere to simple and concise forms in both classic and sports models.

5. Down jackets

Despite the increased fashion for oversize, the modern lady will put on a cozy down jacket exclusively at a ski resort. In any other circumstances, she decides to emphasize the figure with a warm classic coat.

6. Velour tracksuit

12 Wardrobe Items That Wealthy People Avoid While Others Consider Fashionable

This catchy and comfortable suit made of soft fabric, pleasant to the touch, has won a lot of fans. But today more restrained variants of the “sporty chic” style are relevant.

7. Large decoration on top of sweater

A massive decoration worn over a warm sweater overloads the look. A trendy girl will choose a thin and modest chain if she wants to add something to a knitted item.

8. Lacy underwear

Elegant underwear cannot be called practical – it is difficult to combine it with clothes; under a sports T-shirt, the corresponding bra will look unaesthetically. In addition, laces often look cheap. Now fashionistas support the trend for environmental friendliness and choose comfortable models from natural fabrics without unnecessary decor.

9. Summer short-sleeved jacket

Such a shortened style suits few people and almost always distorts the proportions of the figure. In warm weather, it is preferable to wear a thin jacket with long sleeves made of cotton or linen.

10. Solid Denim Set

A plain denim suit, whether it is light or dark denim, looks very deliberately. If you meet a lady who is dressed in jeans from head to toe, the top and bottom will be different in color.

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