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Few people risk wearing colored items every day. Someone got used to the neutral gamut because of the dress code at work, and someone simply does not know what to combine with and how to wear. Although in reality, everything is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to remember a few color combinations that look like a win-win in any kit.

We at Happy Worthy Life compiled a small cheat sheet for those who are still afraid of colored things, and spied on street stylers for examples of contrasting combinations in clothes. Remember and use.

Yellow + blue

The combination of saturated yellow and bright blue looks bold, and with a combination of pastel shades – more gentle. Dark shades of blue and deep shades of yellow will also work well.

Blue + red

Within one saturation, any color can be combined. For example, bright red and bright blue look great together.

Blue + green

All colors of the same temperature combine well with each other. For example, warm shades of blue and green or cold and muted shades of the same colors look good together.

Yellow + purple

Few decide on violet-yellow combinations. Perhaps because the kit in these colors always attracts attention and looks very bright.

Pastel blue or purple + pale pink

With a combination of delicate shades of pink, purple and blue, airy, very feminine images are obtained.

Green + red

Green and red in any proportions looks very bright and is rightfully considered one of the most contrasting combinations.

Green + purple

In the first violet-green set, the colors are more muted, darkened. In the second – more light and whitened, pastel. Thanks to colors with similar saturation, the sets look organically.

Orange + Blue

The blue-orange combination can look very daring and very cute – a lot depends on the color saturation. Bright colors in the first image make it bold and a little defiant, pastel shades in the second – add tenderness.

Pink + green

Pink goes well with light green, as does red. Regardless of their number in the image, together they always look lovely and very fresh.

Blue or Cyan + Purple

Blue and violet harmonize well if you use colors of similar temperature or saturation. This example shows how color affects the perception of images. Warmer and lighter shades make the look easier, while cooler and more subdued colors make the look more restrained.

Yellow + green

Yellow and green are related colors located side by side on the color wheel. Therefore, they complement each other well, regardless of their number in the image.

Any color + its shades

Any color is combined with itself and with its own shades. In order to create a monochrome combination, when drawing up the kit, it is enough to take one color as a basis and choose things within its saturation, using darker or lighter shades of it. The image will look more interesting if you use fabrics of different textures in it: leather, fur, lace, etc.

Color + its hue with print

A kit made up of things of the same color may also look more interesting due to the print. Add a striped or checkered detail to a monochrome bow, use accessories with an animalish pattern or goose foot print – and then the most boring images will sparkle in a new way.

Do you often wear colored things? Or do you prefer win-win black-and-white-gray combinations to them?

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