13 Clothing Combination Tricks From Stylists Will Help You Look Beauty

Today, trends are set not only by fashion publications, but also by  influencers . Photographers follow the stars of street style no less closely than the models and designers. Trends are constantly changing, so it is not surprising that sometimes we lose sight of valuable fashionable finds.

Happy Worthy Life editorial staff has spied on what is happening on the world’s catwalks, and put together some simple tricks that will help to quickly and easily gloss your image.

1. Jacket + shorts

We used to combine trousers or a skirt with a jacket and completely lost sight of shorts or Bermuda shorts. At first glance, the combination seems strange, but already at the second. This season, Givenchy, Max Mara and other brands drew attention. This kit is functional, because you can wear it both in the office (and with almost any shoe), and for an evening walk with friends.

2. A fluffy skirt + blazer or jacket

It is not necessary to pair a skirt-skirt or a skirt-tutu. A blazer or a jacket will reduce the degree that an excessively fluffy skirt gives. This tandem is not only suitable for everyday wear, but also gives out your excellent sense of style. Especially if you complement the look with massive sneakers, as Louis Vuitton suggests .

3. Animal prints + vibrant colors

Animal prints can be combined for a long time not only with black things. According to Vogue, animal prints have already become a “new neutral color.” Combine your snake or animal print with a vibrant accent to add color to your look. For example, with tights or a bag.

4. Multiple prints in one look

Many are wary of combining several patterns in one image. And in vain! Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour made this her point . If you’re not ready for bold experiments like combining a leopard and a floral print, start with something simpler. For example, with several things with  peas of different sizes in one image.

5. Business suit + sneakers

Costumes, especially colored ones, are an indisputable hit of this season. You can meet the trends and feel comfortable if you replace the classic boats with comfortable sneakers or sneakers following the  example of Zendai.

6. Print “goose foot” + leather

This print is an ageless classic. In the season 2018–2019, Louis Vuitton fashion house presented its non-trivial reading, combining it with leather. Such an ensemble looks both strict and catchy. If a leather shirt is too bold a decision for you, you can give preference to leather inserts.

7. Romantic blouse + denim

Lovers of romantic celebrate victory this season, as lace and brocade blouses with voluminous sleeves and collars are returning to fashion. They will look at ease and fresh in the company of the simplest things from denim . You can make friends with an airy blouse with a straight denim skirt or trousers made of the same material.

8. Leggings + high boots

Do not rush to throw leggings – with just a couple of accents you can give them a new look. The recipe is simple: add tall boots with a turtleneck to match them – a fresh and comfortable look is ready!

9. Cardigan + tulle dress

An oversized cardigan is probably a must-have for ladies of any complexion. It will emphasize the fragility of slender young ladies, and large girls will help to hide the flaws of the figure. If you put a cardigan on a light tulle dress , you get a nice and delicate look. By the way, this season, along with the purple color, won the hearts of fashionistas.

10. Skinny + leather jacket

Skinny genies claim the title of universal wardrobe item. If their combination with a black jacket has long been known and even a little tired, then here’s an idea from stylists. Dilute the look with a leather jacket as if from a past century. The warmth and admiring glances will not take long.

11. Bandana + anything

Bandanas have long ceased to be an attribute of youth and the older generation in the beds. Today, style icons led by Dior Fashion House are reinterpreting this headpiece . It can be combined both with things in casual style (for example, sweaters and cardigans), and with evening dresses.

12. Polo + skirt

The polo shirt may well be the first violin in the image. The main thing is to find polo shirt a worthy couple, in which designers suggest using skirts. It can be either a mini from coarse fabric, or silk midi or even maxi. A special chic – polo with a contrast collar.

13. Massive chain + lightweight top

13 Clothing Combination Tricks From Stylists Will Help You Look Beauty
East News  

If you thought that chains were exclusively for youth, you were mistaken. This season, designers offer to carry massive chains to everyone. They will add a twist to any look: from a tender and romantic flower girl to an experienced business woman. A bright accessory is seen in the collections of many fashion designers, for example,  Monse and  Longchamp .

What clothing combination do you like most and why?

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