15 Fashion Style That Will Make Your Look More Sexy

More recently, tight dresses, ultra-mini, extended nails were considered synonyms of sexuality – what are now called signs of bad taste and vulgarity. And all because femininity and sophisticated eroticism are in fashion today.


Happy Worthy Life will help you stay at the peak of fashion and at the same time look sexy and attractive. We have collected these 15 wardrobe items specifically to help you.

1. Dress combination

Combination dresses allow you to emphasize the feminine shape of the figure and give the image a sophisticated seductiveness.

  • Stylists recommend : In a combination dress, there is a risk of looking insufficiently dressed, so combine this wardrobe item with cardigans, summer coats, various jackets or wear over a T-shirt or thin turtleneck.

2. Pencil skirt

The features of the cut of the pencil skirt make the girls move smoothly and slowly, and the style emphasizes the beautiful curves of the female body. All this simply cannot but excite men’s hearts.

  • Stylists recommend : A pencil skirt is the basic thing and a real must-have of a women’s wardrobe. It combines with almost everything and fits into any image.

3. Corset belt

The corset belt effectively emphasizes the waist and gives a feminine shape to the figure.

  • Stylists recommend : Corset is a rather provocative element of clothing, causing associations with the boudoir, so it should be the only detail of the image with a sexual connotation. Avoid wearing a corset with a radical mini, deep neckline, over the knee boots to avoid the risk of looking vulgar.

4. Perfect Fit Jeans

In the first place in the ranking of sexy wardrobe items, many men put it on jeans that emphasize the figure of the girl.

  • Stylists recommend : In an urban environment, try not to combine jeans with sports elements of wardrobe, sports shoes. The image will turn out to be much more effective if you wear jeans, for example, a feminine blouse, a jacket and elegant shoes.


5. Off Shoulder Dresses and Tops

The bare shoulders and collarbones are a demonstration of sensuality and sophisticated eroticism in the most delicate form.

  • Stylists recommend : Feel free to include clothes with bare shoulders in your wardrobe and captivate others with your femininity.

6. Fantasy tights or stockings

Tights of bright colors, with spectacular prints undoubtedly draw attention to the graceful legs, and stockings are the traditional “weapon” of the seductress.

  • Stylists recommend : Choose tights in color to your dress or skirt and shoes – this will visually lengthen your legs.

7. Cozy oversize sweaters

Loose, even baggy clothing leaves room for imagination and emphasizes the fragility of a girl’s figure.

  • Stylists recommend : In the image can be used no more than one thing free cut. When making sets, play on the difference in textures and volumes, contrasts always look more interesting: coarse wool and lace, voluminous top and tight bottom.

8. Borrowings from a man’s wardrobe

Marlene Dietrich also revealed to the world that a men’s suit in a women’s wardrobe is incredibly sensual and stylish. Can not argue with that!

  • Stylists recommend : Do not neglect feminine accessories and spectacular make-up in the image of a man’s suit.

9. Sheath dress

A dress that emphasizes the shape of the figure always looks feminine and seductive.

  • Stylists recommend : Do not be afraid to experiment with textures and colors: lace or sequins, bright plain color or actual prints. All these nuances make the image stylish and memorable.

10. Dress with an open back

Open back dresses are another symbol of sophisticated femininity and sex appeal.

  • Stylists recommend : Forget about stoop. Such outfits require royal posture.


11. Shirt with “his” shoulder

In a shirt from a men’s wardrobe or as if from a men’s wardrobe, a girl looks very fragile and erotic. Such an image will certainly excite the imagination of men!

  • Stylists recommend : Do not forget about the bright and spectacular accessories to create a memorable image.

12. Stilettos

Nothing looks so attractive, sexy and, of course, feminine, like elegant stilettos.

  • Stylists recommend : It is better to give preference to classic stiletto pumps or elegant sandals. And forget about the shoes with a huge heel with a hidden platform in the bow a la “louboutins” from the acclaimed clip: this is neither stylish nor relevant.

13. Lace

The very DNA of lace clothing contains the gene for sophisticated sensuality and sex appeal.

  • Stylists recommend : Do not put off lace things only for ceremonial exits. Combine them with simple pieces of clothing (such as a denim shirt) to ground and incorporate into everyday looks.

14. Leather jacket

Biker girl is a dream image of any man.

  • Stylists recommend : Play in contrasts: combine a leather jacket with a flying dress on the floor and rude boots to create a feminine and unbanal look. And, of course, do not forget about styling and makeup.

15. Denim shorts

Denim shorts are a convenient, practical and stylish element of the wardrobe. Men dressed in denim shorts, men do not leave without attention!

  • Stylists recommend : The most spectacular look will turn out if you combine denim shorts with any shoe other than athletic: studs, wedges, clogs, gladiator sandals and so on.

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