15+ Fashion Trends in the Past Look Like Crazy

For many people, trendy things are an important way of expressing themselves. However, some modern trends seem really cool, while others cause protest and bewilderment. One cannot but admit the fact that trendy clothes look good only on models and advertising posters. And it does not stand up to the test of real life, being uncomfortable and even unwearable.


We came across a forum with heated discussions of trends on the Internet, where people, without hesitation in expressions, spoke about fashionable things that disappointed them after the purchase.

Cap back to front

  • The backwards baseball cap. The purpose of the brim is to shield the sun from one’s eyes. Something I assume this guy doesn’t comprehend. Years ago the only people who wore baseball caps backwards were baseball catchers who had to because their mask got in the way. Unfortunately, now it’s gotten even worse with the sideways cap wearing trend. Francis Tranfaglia / quora

Too voluminous eyelashes

  • Fake eyelashes and that too when the wearer puts on such big purchased eyelashes that her eyes scream fake, fake! I agree that everyone likes to have big eyes with beautiful curled eyelashes but wearing very thick, long and bushy eyelashes looks every bit unpleasant, atleast to me! Kriti Sharma / quora


Socks and sandals

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  • A terrible combination. No, please, this cannot be a fashion trend. It can only do the Germans, but do not we all live in Germany. In summer you can wear sandals, in winter socks. But you can’t wear them together. Please buy a few pairs of closed shoes for the winter and wear socks when it’s cold outside. Aurora Pradal / quora

15+ Fashion Trends in the Past Look Like Crazy
  • I understand that this is a new trend, but for me personally, this is a real fashion crime. Katherine Mesh / quora


Micro Bags

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  • What’s the point of carrying a bag if even headphones can’t fit ? I understand that this accessory just shows that you are trending. But that doesn’t make any sense. Singular Sakshi / quora

Side cut out tops

  • These tops show more than cover . Moreover, many women like to focus on this and wear bras of bright colors under such tops. They try to pretend they look cool and they don’t even know that everyone can see their underwear. Nguyen Kinh Luan / quora

Pants with straps

  • Pants like this were popular in the 80s, and I don’t know who would ever dream of wearing pants that are only suitable for horse riding and skiing. In the vast majority of cases, this outfit looks stupid . Elise Garnsburg / quora


  • This fashion may be good for the catwalk, but in real life it can hardly be called practical. The bolero becomes superfluous in almost any set, since it cannot be used either as a jacket.



I have pierced 23 times. It seemed cool in the mid 90s, but now I got rid of it and am happy. Because these punctures can hurt ny body, there is a risk of infection, many types of piercings lead to tissue overgrowth. For example, eyebrow or navel piercing. I stretched my ear a lot, but now they look better. In addition, piercings are not for everyone. From the outside he looks better than you see him on yourself. I will never pierce anything again. And my advice: if you are thinking about piercing, go around with this idea for at least six months, and then think again. Fabian Bożyszkowski / Quora

Bra straps visible from under clothing

  • Bra straps showing: I dont understand who invents these trashy trends? One should rather wear a shirt with an inviting message to get their intention through without destroying fashion. Megh Konna / Quora


Inconvenient accessories

Large earrings can completely damage your ears with prolonged wear. Not to mention, these fashion accessories are uncomfortable.

Guys bare ankles

15+ Fashion Trends in the Past Look Like Crazy
  • Short pants, lack of socks and bright shoes are not the best look for a man . I’ve never seen a man look attractive like that. Adela Zaruba / quora

Tucked in shirt

  • This looks fucking stupid! Most of all I do not like it because person only pretends that he does not care how he looks. “Oh, I couldn’t fill my T-shirt completely this morning. I’m so casual, but very sweet, isn’t I? ” Not! I know for a fact that he  spent at least 15 minutes in front of the mirror that morning trying to create an image. Why are you so afraid of responsibility? Tuck in your shirt or let it out. Just make a decision.  Victoria S Williams / quora

What current trends annoy you?

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