15+ Secrets that Every Beauty Salon has. But your Master will not tell about Them

Hi, my name is Natalya. I work as an administrator in a regular beauty salon: we have an average price tag, certified experienced craftsmen – you probably use the services of the same salon. All companies have their secrets, but it is better to know in advance about some things before visiting a hairdresser.

Especially for Happy Worthy Life, I’ll tell you what happens in the internal “kitchen” of most hairdressing salons and whether expensive hair treatments are really needed.

For some procedures, do not overpay

15+ Secrets that Every Beauty Salon has. But your Master will not tell about Them
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  • Botox for hair is incredibly popular: after applying a special composition, the hair becomes smooth, shiny and elastic, much less broken. But, firstly, the composition will lighten the color of your hair by 1-2 tones. And secondly, after 2-3 months the effect of Botox will end, the hair will look the same as before the procedure, or even worse. To maintain the luxurious look of curls, you will have to give the salon at least ₽ 3,000 a few times a year (the longer the hair, the more expensive). If you are not ready to spend money on the procedure all the time, then it is better not to start at all.
  • Another hit among salon services is a hot scissor haircut. This procedure costs 2 times more than a regular haircut: it is carried out with special thermal shears that “solder” the ends of the hair and prevent them from being cut. But if you regularly cut with regular scissors, the hairdresser will still remove the exfoliated tips. Most people try a “hot” haircut 1 time and no longer see the point of overpaying.
  • Most often, customers experience disappointment after lamination of hair: yes, the curls become smooth and shiny, but the composition is washed out in just a couple of weeks. One of the clients once came in tears: she did lamination in another salon, washed her hair 2 times – and as if there was no procedure. Paid more than $ 5,000.
  • The same applies to keratin rectifications and restorations: these are not medical procedures, but cosmetic ones. No useful substances can penetrate into the hair, just a special composition envelops the hair from the outside and makes it visually denser and smoother. Like any hair dye, the composition is washed off after a few weeks, and the hair gets its original appearance.

In my experience of communicating with clients and observing the work of masters, it is possible to maintain hair in excellent condition without expensive salon procedures. It is enough to regularly cut the ends, do not abuse the curling iron and ironing, treat the hair with thermal protection before drying with a hairdryer and use means such as “15 in 1” + creams and serums for the ends. And, of course, do not torment your hair with lightenings.

An interesting fact about dyeing: about 95% of our clients dye their hair using the “balayage” and “ombre” techniques, it has even become difficult to distinguish them from each other. And stand out from this crowd, on the contrary, girls with monochromatic dyeing / their color and vibrant shine of hair. Not only is one color dyeing cheaper, but also minimal damage to the hair.

Sometimes you are brazenly deceived

15+ Secrets that Every Beauty Salon has. But your Master will not tell about Them
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  • In some “advanced” salons, masters are taught to deceive visitors: to give out cheap compounds for expensive German dye, to make expensive masks without the consent of the client and then include them in the bill. Honest masters directly with the client dilute the paint from the “correct” tubes and always specify whether the client wants to receive some kind of procedure additionally or not. You have every right not to pay for a service that you have not been warned about.
  • Why are masters cheating and not even afraid to ruin their reputation? In fact, a rare owner of a salon pays employees a salary – basically the remuneration occurs according to the 30/70 system: 30% of the profit from each client is received by the master, 70% – by the salon. This money is not enough for some hairdressers, and in case of an error, the cost of work and the cost of consumables will be deducted from the master.
  • Therefore, unscrupulous masters mask unsuccessful staining with a tonic, for example, the yellow color is successfully hidden by a purple tinted shampoo. You will notice a master’s mistake only at home, after washing your hair. In this case, do not hesitate to return to the salon and make a complaint: the master is obliged to correct the defects, and if the desired color cannot be achieved the first time, then the hairdresser was obliged to warn you about this.
  • Always pay attention to the certificates of masters: competent specialists take additional courses and attend master classes to improve their level. This is especially important for complex stains – there are a lot of techniques today, they cannot be mastered after watching training videos. Unsure of the master – demand confirmation of his skills, do not take a word.
  • A guy with work experience came to us for an interview and assured that he was able to do everything, but refused to provide certificates. Gave pictures from the Internet for his work. I could not do highlighting on the mannequin, with a proudly raised head I went to the exit and already at the door I said that I would work at home and would take away all our clients from us. I don’t even know if his “business” has gone uphill – we have all our clients in place.
  • They can deceive even in expensive salons. One of our employees said that at the same place of work, the hostess forced the masters to wash disposable peignoirs, wash disposable gloves and fill air conditioners from the mass market in vials from under expensive means. Just for the sake of saving.

About unjustified expectations

15+ Secrets that Every Beauty Salon has. But your Master will not tell about Them
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“How is it even possible to style this haircut just like they did in the salon ?!”

  • Sometimes customers bring cheap paint from the mass market with them and ask the master to make it a stain. In such experiments, we refuse: the state of the hair after such a paint leaves much to be desired, and the colors rarely match the declared ones. For example, after dyeing in light brown hair, it begins to cast distinctly green.
  • There is a widespread belief that some haircuts (for example, squares or pixies) go for absolutely everyone. On the one hand, these classic forms really adorn almost any face. But before cutting, always listen to the opinion of the master. If the hairdresser is sure that the haircut does not suit your hair type, then it is so: after the haircut and styling you will look luxurious, but how to put soft and curly hair into a geometric clear bob the next day? At least mercilessly straighten with an iron.
  • If you decide to radically change the color, and before that henna was painted for a long time, be sure to tell the master about it: natural henna has a stronger and more stable pigment, unlike artificial dyes. The result of dyeing on such hair can be unpredictable.
  • The bad news is for those who want to dye their hair in an unusual color, such as green or purple. If by nature you are not blonde and dye your hair dark, then you will first have to wash (or even a few) to clean the hair from pigment, and only then dye it. Such colors are washed off very quickly, and in order to at least slightly “extend the brightness” of the shade, you must always use sulfate-free shampoos. Color will have to be updated every month.
15+ Secrets that Every Beauty Salon has. But your Master will not tell about Them

  • One of our regular customers dyed their hair red for a long time, and then decided to change their hair color to purple. We “washed off” it 3 times, then painted, then tinted. Her hair was up to the middle of the shoulder blades, the procedure took 6 hours. Throughout the year, the girl was tormented by maintaining color and styling – the shade was washed off in dirty pink, and her hair broke, became fluffy and naughty.
  • By the way, for bright hair there is a little trick: in order not to injure your hair, you can make the extension of additional strands – they can be painted in any color and repainted for 5 years.

About customer oddities

  • We do not have the most expensive salon in the city, the prices are quite pleasant. But some customers are trying to claim a significant discount. Sometimes the salon makes concessions, but keep in mind that the price of a haircut also includes washing your hair with professional shampoo, applying the same conditioner, and then styling with a high-quality styler. A client who is trying to save money receives only a haircut. And the funny thing is that such customers are still unhappy – they wanted a full range of services, but 2 times cheaper.
  • Once a man came to our salon and demanded to make him a model haircut. Have a haircut. Not that. He returned a month later, demanded “sports”. Not that again. Surprisingly, he returned again, and this time we showed him some photos with men’s haircuts. It turned out that the client wanted a “site”, but forgot the name, but refused to describe the desired form of haircut – they say, “you are hairdressers, you yourself must know.”
  • Once, a client asked her to make a styling – to wind her curls. The master did everything right, generously sprinkled her hair with varnish, and the satisfied client went to the corporate party. I arrived in 2 days and demanded a refund – she thought the curls would last all week until the New Year!

Do you do expensive hair treatments in the salon? What do you think, what services are not worth our money, and for which you should definitely contact the master?

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