18 Creative Fashion Designers That Sometime Fail

Of course, creatives are not surgeons and our health does not suffer from their mistakes. But there is a fine line between brilliant ideas and a strange design. To cheer up, we decided to show you exactly the second. Pasta butterflies, Big Ben in Austria, shoes with built-in pebbles and much more. Well, in the bonus you will find something completely unexpected.

Happy Worthy Life stands for creativity, but everything has a measure. What do you think, modern clothing designers do not go too far?

You know, I’m a kind of designer myself

Fashion, what are you doing ?! Stop it!

What are you?

All 3 butterflies are the same

“I’m one of a kind.”

When one pebble in your shoes is clearly not enough

This is what you can get for big money.

I am an artist, I see so

In my childhood, playing cards looked like people

What doesn’t kill fire you makes you

Almost bought this top for my nephew, but that’s not how a dinosaur’s mouth works.

An example of “entertaining geography”

But how to play with the font size?

Children from another dimension

This shoe looks in both

These socks.

Wallet chain ankle crocs

“I found this dress in the online store”

Bonus: even a toilet seat can be made hmm … unusual

Surely you have similar photos, show them to us – we will suddenly take them in the next article.

What do you think?

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