20+ Facts About Fashion Discounts ( Everything Worse Than We Thought )

Wearing clothes and accessories from popular brands and looking stylish is absolutely normal. Fortunately, in our time there are many opportunities to fulfill them without spending a fortune. Various discounts, outlets offer the same clothes that are sold in branded stores, but several times cheaper.

We at Happy Worthy Life could not pass by the signs about big discounts and decided to find out why big brands give away almost nothing for nothing that are successfully sold in high-end boutiques. Spoiler: not everything is as sweet as it seemed.

First, let’s figure out what is the difference between discount, stock and outlet

  • Stock is a store that sells new items with year-round discounts. In them you can meet any brand and there is absolutely everything: from clothing to household appliances.
  • The discount can be called a stock, in which only a separate brand is represented . Another distinctive feature is that such a store sells only clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • An outlet is essentially a large center consisting of many discounts, each of which boasts a year-round sale. So, for example, looks like an outlet village in Barcelona.
20+ Facts About Fashion Discounts ( Everything is Worse Than We Thought )
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But low prices are not always good

  • One of the main deceptions  is the duplication of last year’s collection, but in a cheaper version. This creates a false feeling that the item really came from a retail store, where it could not be sold.
  • However, some things still come from boutiques. However, often either the sizes are not the most popular, or the design is too artsy and few people.
  • It is worth noting that luxury brands like Prada, Fendi, Gucci practically do not  make discounts of more than 30-50%, and mass market brands – more than 70%.

The legend about selling things from previous collections is an advertising trick. In fact, in most cases, clothes and shoes are made specifically for discounts using cheaper materials and technologies. “We use different fabrics and adjust design details to maintain an affordable price,” said brand representative J.Crew.

Other secrets of constant discount stores

  • Not every store with the sign “discount” is in reality: there are often places selling fakes. You can recognize them by the large number of brands presented and the dubious quality of things. If there are a lot of brands, then this is a stock, moreover, it is not the most honest.
  • Marriage also occurs, so it’s best to check things before buying. Generally, the stronger the damage, the greater the discount. Therefore, you need to carefully look at cheap things, and even better to clarify when buying about flaws that you yourself can not notice.
  • And some things can simply become dilapidated over time . In addition, clothes and shoes could be improperly stored and damaged during many try-ons.
  • Many discounts do not make returns. Therefore, before buying it is important to ask about such an opportunity.

There are ways to make a successful purchase.

  • Before shopping, you should find out the cost of the right thing in a regular store. Not only are goods at discounts of lower quality, they also  raise prices to make the discount larger.
  • Psychologists note that the high “old” price allows you to think that the product is really high quality and you need to purchase it before it runs out.
  • If you want to save as much as possible, use the “tracking tactics.” Choose your favorite things and write down the cost, and after a while return to the store and buy the one that has fallen in price more than the rest.
  • Another tactic that will help you not to spend too much is “target purchase”. Immediately decide what you need, and look only for this thing, not paying attention to the discounts around. Everything seems to be commonplace, but discounts benefit from just a lot of chaotic purchases. But are all things ultimately useful to the buyer?
  • If you are not sure about the origin of a thing, ask the staff about it. They must have all supporting documents.

  • Buying luxury clothing at discounts is not a saving. Many people write about high and inadequate prices in discount boutiques of elite brands. You can find similar things in the mass market, but 10 times cheaper.
  • If there are many sizes and colors, then things are made exclusively for discount. Consequently, quality will be in doubt.
  • An ideal option to buy – basic clothing items from the mass market.

Do you often visit discounts? Which of the purchases are you most satisfied with?

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