20+ Tips of Popular Stylist Fashion for Women

More than half a million people have already signed up for instagram stylist Jana Fisti. This can only mean one thing: the girls want to be friends with fashion, to keep abreast of the new products of the season and, most importantly, to understand how to adapt modern and sometimes such strange trends to everyday life.

We at Happy Worthy Life want more people around the world who are happy with the reflection in the mirror, so we’ve found some tips from Yana’s blog that are easy to apply in everyday life.

One of the leading questions this season: “Have the Cossacks not gone out of fashion yet?”

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Such things cannot go out of fashion – there is simply no such concept for this type of shoe. Three things in the photo – a plaid shirt, jeans and Cossack – are the basis of certain styles: country, American, boho. The style itself cannot go out of fashion, and we have not been wearing pure styles for a long time. Designers constantly mix styles, creating new combinations from season to season. At the same time, there will always be clothes and shoes out of season and out of fashion, which we can wear each in our own way, adapting to our individuality.

Mandatory thing in the wardrobe

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If a fashion maniac pounced on me in a dark alley and with a knife at my throat will require me to name a mandatory item of any wardrobe, so be it, I’ll say: everyone should have a free trouser suit. He is beautiful and versatile. For me, this is precisely the thing that can be said about: in a feast, in the world, and in good people.

How to prepare for the new season

  • Disassemble all your centuries-old deposits of tight knitwear. Throw out frankly bad things! Stop praying for them and hope that by some miracle they will rise from the dead or suddenly fashion will return.
  • Something can be given with a clear conscience for recycling or second-hand – there are plenty of options. Consider all sorts of defects and spools, faded prints or yellowed white – restore, if real. If not, goodbye.
  • With junk sorted out? Excellent. Now you need to add something. Start with white voluminous sneakers: utilitarian, comfortable and trendy. Beautiful, comfortable and fits all your clothes. Do not moan, try on.
  • Choose and buy at least one trendy trendy item that you will definitely wear this season. Let at least something “hot” appear in your wardrobe: beige leather, colored bicycles, boiled denim, raincoats, bags of wooden beads, tai-dai, crochet and a bunch of other beautiful things.
  • Get glasses with colored frames, hairpins, scarves, headbands, belts. Investments are minimal, but a sense of novelty is guaranteed.

Hollywood celebrities began to wear tight-fitting suits in everyday life, similar to diving

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At the same time and sexy, and comfortable, and warm. Podiums picked up this trend. I think that only women who are totally confident in their impeccability can afford such costumes. Therefore, there is a harmless adaptation of the trend – sweaters with a long sleeve and a collar with a zipper. It turns out the image of the “surfer’s girlfriend”, but it’s not a shame to get into people. By the way, such sweaters look great with jackets, much fresher than regular turtlenecks.

Previously, pearls were discredited, it seemed to blow mothballs from him, but he was mentioned only with the prefix “anti”

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But now he is experiencing a “rebirth.” And we wear pearls now, not only complete with a hat with a veil and the title of Queen of Great Britain, but also with jeans, sneakers, tracksuits, voluminous trench coats, t-shirts, hoodies and other things that are not atypical for a “classic” pearl. So if you have not got these stones yet, then it’s time to get your credit cards or “dispossess” wardrobes of mothers and grandmothers.

Phrases that make me like a stylist

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  • Basic wardrobe. Because there is no universal formula for all wardrobes in the world! You have one base, Kim Kardashian has another. And this is normal.
  • “Capsule”. I believe that the “capsule” is only relevant when traveling when you have any restrictions. In other cases, this is not very vital, since people should understand the principles of combining things, and not try to adjust everything to the presence of a certain number of things in the wardrobe. This is utopia. ?
  • Color types, fireplace natural, autumn dramatic. If you want to push yourself into a framework, then this is your glossary of terms. But if you want to be stylish, they should be forgotten, like a nightmare. These concepts have nothing to do with style. It is enough to look at those who “preach” them, and everything becomes clear.
  • Jacket Jacket. Modern women’s jackets are full blazers.
  • One bag for all time. And to immediately under everything. When I am asked to advise one bag for all occasions, then I can not do this until I personally see you and make out your wardrobe. An adequate answer can be given only after a detailed analysis and nothing else. Even after the “closet” of analytics, you can understand which 2-3 models will cover your gestalt of needs, but not one.
  • Is black still in fashion? Yes, I still hear such questions.
  • “Well, you are unprofessionally!” If you look closely, on this phrase you can see the corn from its frequent use. And you didn’t hear that the floor can be changed without surgical intervention – just sneakers and oversize? Yes, I am also surprised.

Most of us step on the same rake when choosing a knitwear. Therefore, catch some tips

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  • The density of the fabric. Knitwear can be thin, dense and very dense. The density of the tissue itself does not mean anything – you need to try on and watch. If you do not leave a thin air cushion between your body and knitwear, there is a risk of not looking very good. Wearing a close-fitting thing is worth it if you have a 100% perfect figure.
  • Quality. If the jersey is of poor quality, it immediately spoils everything. He should not slide. Compare products in budget stores and more expensive ones – the difference will be obvious.
  • Elastic band on the jacket. It all depends on your tasks. On the one hand, an elastic band tightens the hips. But if you want to hide your stomach and big breasts, this option will be optimal. I don’t have such a goal, so I often choose a free model, on the contrary, it covers my hips.

How interesting to beat knitwear

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  • Refill your sweater and show the belt or button.
  • You can lower the sleeves so that they cover most of the palm, as if you are a little large, or, conversely, roll them up.
  • Tuck the hair into the collar of the sweater and, on the one hand, remove it by the ear so that there is an asymmetry. Thanks to this careless little thing, in most cases the images are cool. It should look like you were dressing and forgot to stretch them.
  • Accessories – all over the head. A chain with pendants in the style of the 70s or a bracelet over the sleeves of a sweater is always a good idea, because it is simple and unbanal at the same time.
  • Do not forget about color. Beige with gray is excellent, but sometimes choosing the right shades of calm colors is much more difficult than brighter ones.

Mink coats

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If someone tells you that a classic mink coat is an antitrend and is no longer stylish, feel free to unsubscribe from this person. Because the material cannot be an antitrend. You need to look not at the material, but at the design of the product. Classical models of fur coats are something that in itself will always be timeless and trendless. The thing is how you beat this coat.

You can choose non-banal shoes that will play in contrast: simple shoes, sneakers, even sneakers. In such a tandem, this will no longer be the traditional mink, which every second has, but a cool stylistic decision.

Wear fur so that it is not trivial

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I call the combination of a natural fur coat with black boots, a “safe” black bag, black tight tights and sheath dresses of a calm deep shade.

In fact, I have now described 80% of the women you can meet on the street. They choose such combinations because either they do not want to bother, or because they do not know how to do it differently. With what to wear fur to be fashionable? With sneakers, knocking down all the fur pathos, with velvet trousers and skirts, with white boots, with neon things.

Real fur vs artificial

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Each person must independently make decisions regarding the rejection of genuine leather, fur, products from natural fabrics and everything else. And besides everything else, sometimes artificial fur coats are more expensive than natural ones, so it’s at least very reckless to say that someone “likes to show their status to minks”. ?

If we talk about the period of decomposition of certain materials, then why be cunning: no one really knows this topic 100%, because no one will go to bring the product to the laboratory before purchase and find out what its composition and how many years it will “disappear” from the face of the earth. And I want to remind you that nothing pollutes the planet like endless “one-day” purchases that most people make.

The 70s will surely appeal to all those who are tired of “ugly” trends, the stylistics of the 80s and 90s and long for something feminine

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From the eclecticism of the 70s, everyone can cook an image to their liking. What to look for and wear? A brown velvet skirt, good old turtlenecks over which you can fasten medallions and chains, bow ties, flying dresses with geometric prints, an A-silhouette, a cage, flared jeans, platform shoes, high boots, brown suede and leather.
If your grandmother’s issue of Burda magazine from the 70s wasn’t lying around, then look for inspiration at the films “Kramer vs. Kramer”, “Annie Hall”, “Klyut”. As an ideal visual aid – showing Celine fall-winter – 2019/2020. It will immediately become clear how to wear trendy retro-style things in our realities.

To understand how stylish, it is possible only by means of the comparison “before and after”

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Girls are afraid of unusual colors for them, they are afraid of new styling, they are afraid of cutting hair at the hairdresser 2 cm higher than they planned, they are afraid to get a little darker or lighter, they are afraid of a new form of heel, they are afraid to stand out from the crowd, they are afraid to paint themselves, they are afraid to show their virtues, they are afraid to be ridiculous at times. Although I would attribute the absurdity to the important points that everyone should survive, because otherwise it is impossible to understand what is good and what is bad. ?

The psychological age of a woman can be determined without a test from the Internet

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It is enough to lower your eyes down and see with what shoes she put on her coat. This is a stone in the garden of black women’s boots a la classic to the knee. Seriously, women, how long? This is just an impossible combination.

The worst thing is that the “bearers” of such a tandem are firmly convinced of the unwaveringness of this tradition. They shout with one voice about non-feminine fashion and about sexuality, for which for some reason boots suddenly became responsible. Although there are plenty of analogues: uggs, loots, ankle boots, rough boots, sneakers, Cossacks, boots.

Cap for a warm winter

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Do not worry, the cap will not make you a rapper and will not teleport to the MTV channel in the 90s, this is all a harmful stereotype. This is exactly the part that will dilute and diversify the winter outfit, turn the standard winter image of a penguin into something a little more interesting. ?

  • Texture. Forget the mesh at the back, this is a summer option. The fabric should be dense, strong, not thin.
  • Snapback or classic? Rather, it’s a classic, it’s easier to fit into the wardrobe, you won’t need to collect the image for two hours. Snapback is not so versatile.
  • Details Remember those creepy bright pink caps that seemed to be dipped in a bowl of rhinestones? Do not do like this. Moderation and minimalism, calm color.
  • Imagine you need to find a little black dress in the world of caps. The main thing is not to replay and remember about the adequacy: if you have to stand at a stop at -15 ° C, then a hat is better. And the scarf is warmer.

Down Jackets Phobia

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It is believed that in a down jacket it is impossible to look feminine. Some are afraid of them like fire, because they believe that once put on – and that’s all, there is no turning back. You walk all winter like an urban polar explorer, but you cannot take off due to convenience. Down jacket addiction. That is why often girls choose, for example, a coat. This is not always convenient. But then they have confidence that this adds femininity.

Let’s be honest: you can look like a beauty in an oversize jacket and attract the attention of others, the benefit of models, colors and styles is now a million. The last thing to do in winter is to worry about the femininity of the image. You can coolly and stylishly present down jackets without sacrificing your own body.

How to look attractive in a down jacket

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  • Do not be afraid of color. If you like bright clothes and there are a lot of them in the wardrobe, then the down jacket can be of calm shades, so as not to overload the image. But since there are a minimum number of such examples on the city streets, then look at the down-padded jackets of a non-standard color, which will enliven the gray-black picture. ?
  • Do not ignore makeup. What does it have to do with it? If you don’t do a minimal make-up, then your bruises of “kung fu-panda” will kill even the coolest down jacket. Do not be lazy – no one has yet canceled clean hair, well-groomed skin, moderate makeup and a healthy complexion.
  • Choose the right design. The cliche that down jackets look unattractive is a long time to forget. Remember: down jackets are different! And, by the way, the whole problem is not in the budget, but in the fact that people initially choose the wrong things.
  • Pay attention to shoes. Many women rely on plain shoes and, God forbid, generally choose black knee-high boots. I must say right away: this kills the image. Down jackets look cool with small heels, rough boots or sneakers.
  • Recognize oversize. No matter how much you oppose it, oversize still looks stylish. The sooner you realize this, the better.

A couple of tips for girls with a voluminous bust that will facilitate the choice of sweaters

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  • When choosing a sweater, pay attention to the density of knitting. It should not be “sickly” so that the sweater does not look like a cheap blouse from market collapse.
  • Do you remember that a sweater should not be tight? Choose oversize or just a loose fit.
  • Look towards models with a rounded shallow neckline. It is important. Deep cuts on sweaters, as a rule, make the image simple and suitable for girls with small breasts. ?
  • Patterns, pigtails, knitted applications also contribute to visual enlargement. Try to choose their “light version”.
  • The color of your sweater does not affect the visual perception. Though you put on from head to toe in red, even in gray – the chest as it was, will remain. So do not attribute miraculous powers to colors and limit yourself by choosing black and white options. ?
  • It is very important that the length of the sweater reaches the middle of the thigh. Because the combination of a large chest and a shortened length looks, to put it mildly, not super.
  • With large breasts, turtlenecks can be worn. They should not be thin and short, and also sit back to back.

How to choose the right jacket

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Jackets are always in fashion. Yes, their cut may change, supplemented by interesting accessories and embroidery, but still they remain one of the things that are successful in terms of combinatorial nature. But some still misfire in the choice: either they buy too fitted and shortened, then they are too voluminous, similar to a leather bag, then with so much decor that there is no empty space on it. In order not to throw money in vain, keep a couple of tips.

  • If you want to assign a jacket, and then pass it by inheritance also to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, then choose classic models without decor, excessive volume and any details. The simplest design and no frills.
  • Options from suede look tempting, but with the care of such a jacket then you are tormented. Beautiful, but terribly impractical.
  • Someone is still buying jackets-jackets. I will say briefly and clearly: to the scrap.
  • Biker jacket with stripes is good if they combine with each other and look unbanal. Leave roses, birds and hearts on clothes to those who dream of a pink pony.
  • A leather jacket is not only black. There is also brown and at least a dozen other colors.

I was always surprised how girls with enough money, can dress either absolutely tasteless, or so that it looks cheap or even vulgar

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There are a lot of brands on it, hung with diamonds, and all together it looks so boring and corny that you involuntarily think: “That’s for sure the money is in the wrong hands.” I’m talking about tight-fitting short dresses, tall stilettos and a bag from Chanel.

For example, several years ago there were many identical ladies in leather leggings, long sweaters and a fur vest. Yes, it can be expensive, but where is the fantasy? Individuality, after all. At the same time, there are really many girls who dress in the mass market and know how to coolly combine things with each other.

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