6 Style Mistakes Fashion – Fashion Tips & Stylists Advice

Fashion is about how to dress in accordance with trends. Style fashion is more about how to be yourself, ”said Oscar de la Renta, an American fashion designer who wore Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. However, no matter how we want to stand out in the crowd, there are things that will ruin the image of even the first lady.

We at Happy Worthy Life collected tips from stylists on how to fix mistakes that each of us made at least once.

Inappropriate outfit

6 Style Mistakes Fashion - Fashion Tips & Stylists Advice
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The concept of a dress code is strongly associated with our office or publication. However, stylists argue that there is always a dress code. And, choosing an outfit, you should focus on 2 indicators. First, you should be comfortable in your clothes. And secondly, your dress should look organically against the background of other people’s outfits.

Do not forget that clothing affects our thinking. For example, a strict dress or pantsuit in the office will help you to be more focused, confident and think more abstractly, rather than focusing on one task.

Things are not your size

6 Style Mistakes Fashion - Fashion Tips & Stylists Advice
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Glossy magazines and numerous advertisements sometimes put too much pressure on us, showing that only thin people can be considered beautiful. Because of this, many carefully pack themselves in clothes that are 1 or even 2 sizes smaller than necessary. But such a choice not only emphasizes the volume, but also makes you feel constrained and uncomfortable.

Another problem is the clothes in which we drown. Many put an equal sign between oversize and a larger size. However, this tricky trick does not always work. Make sure that the shoulder line of sweaters and shirts does not go too far down. And dresses and coats should be the same length that you usually wear. Otherwise, you will violate the proportions of the figure and will look ridiculous, not stylish.

Demonstration of underwear

6 Style Mistakes Fashion - Fashion Tips & Stylists Advice

Stylists are increasingly urging us to break fashion rules and create original images. However, even the “Ignore the rules!” Rule implies its exceptions. And the combination of transparent things and contrasting underwear definitely refers to it. There is no originality in this, only vulgarity. If you want to express yourself through clothes, it is better to choose unusual styles and interesting prints. And then there will definitely not be a need for excessive frankness.

Body tights and sandals

6 Style Mistakes Fashion - Fashion Tips & Stylists Advice
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Stylists all over the world beg not to use bodily tights at all. However, not everyone is able to take such a step, especially if there are restrictions on the dress code. But there is something that, perhaps, would definitely be worth a ban: bodily tights with sandals. Yes, in 2019, the combination of socks and open shoes became a trend not only at fashion shows, but also in life. And the designer Phoebe Philo in 2017 released his models in pantyhose and sandals. But not everything that happens on the podium should be transferred to everyday life.

Front weekend boots

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Front-weekend boots are a special category of shoes, which, we hope, will be combined not only with outerwear, but also with the dress. We wear them when we are going to a restaurant or theater. However, the usual black high-heeled boots with an evening outfit look boring. Stylists advise choosing more contrasting images. For example, combine cowboy ankle boots with light dresses.

If you plan to put on a more elegant outfit, think about the school rule: bring along replacement shoes. Or use a taxi to immediately arrive at the place in suitable shoes.

Brand fakes

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There is nothing good in such fakes, except perhaps for the price. Most often these are things from cheap materials that are poorly stitched, and even with labels out. The style of fashion houses is usually guessed in the ornament, motifs, cut, but most importantly – in the quality of work.

If you can’t afford a Chanel handbag, but don’t want to wear a mass market, there’s another option. Evelina Khromchenko advises paying attention to little-known Russian brands: “Find something affordable, but original in appearance, from a young designer. First, you show your good taste and knowledge of the subject. And secondly, who knows, suddenly he is the very fashion star of tomorrow, and your purchase will become a new cult subject. ”

And what mistakes fashion is your?

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