A Woman Copies Photographs of Celebrities to Show That Size not Influence Style

Katie Sturino proved that women with curvaceous forms should not dress boring. The influencer girl began to post photos on Instagram in which she wears the same clothes as celebrities and copies their poses. Thus, she decided to prove that the style does not depend on size. Her subscribers are delighted with the project. They constantly leave approving comments about her figure, posts and, of course, style.

We Happy Worthy Life chose a few photos of Katie Sturino that change our outlook on fashion.

1. This is Katie, a woman who has proven that self-confidence is more important than harmony

2. It’s not about who looks better, but that we all look great

3. All have different forms

4. Red dress in the style of Jennifer Garner

5. Two options for autumn classics

6. She was inspired by the Meghan Markle style.

7. Jessica Beale and Leopard Skirt

8. Jennifer Aniston in black and white

9. Individual style, regardless of volume

10. Katie Holmes in a cashmere sweater

11. The main thing is to feel comfortable in any clothes

12. She imagines what it is like to catch the eyes of others.

13. A person with any type of body can look stylish.

14. With the help of her husband, she tried to repeat the photo with Prince Harry

15. She proves that you can look beautiful with any complexion

16. She posed with Blair Edie in the same clothes

17. Katie inspires her followers to get rid of self-doubt

18. Looks like Princess Kate in late summer

19. Demonstrates the style of Constance Wu

20. Meghan Markle – one of her main role models

Which of these outfits did you like the most? Do you think plus-size prevents you from looking stylish?

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