Anti-Epidemic Suit Coronavirus Expensive Brands of Businesswomen

Appearing at Chanel’s show, Nicole Raidman caught the attention of an anti-epidemic outfit with a hand wash bag.


The coronavirus caused the Paris Fashion Week 2020 to be affected. The number of visitors to a series of shows has clearly decreased.

Fashion houses actively distribute masks, allow their hands to dry and disinfect. The street style area is where many fashionista creativity when coordinating style prevention.

A Ukrainian businesswoman attracted attention when she wore tight-fitting clothes from head to toe. Nicole Raidman wore a mask to Balmain and Chanel’s show.

Ukrainian businesswoman stands out with an outfit inspired by the protective clothing of doctors. 

At the show of the French fashion house, 8X wears clothes inspired by the protective clothing of doctors. She coordinated her jacket and black pants with stones. The lower part of the body is covered with white cloth to create a color harmony for the whole.

A range of well-invested accessories such as masks, dry hand bags, gloves and rubber boots. The use of additional designs brings out the personality, ensuring the safety of the wearer.

The most prominent in the accessories comes with the famous Chanel No. 5 Bottle Bag clutch of the French fashion house. Designs range from $ 7,000 to $ 10,000 .

Her clutch pattern is appreciated for its luxurious design. 
Besides, it contains many dry hand wash bottles.

In addition, many people are impressed with the mask with the C logo attached to the hat.

Sharing the photos on her personal page, the businesswoman said: “Nothing can stop us. We will continue to live and enjoy every moment.” This is considered an optimistic message against the Coronavirus epidemic that 8X conveyed to viewers.


Attending the event, the other fashionista also tried to protect themselves but still fashionable. Therefore, the masks with unique designs become the trend of being actively promoted.

Previously, Nicole Raidman had worn a Chanel mask for Balmain show.

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