Bikini Model Shares How to Have a Beautiful Body And How to Have Confidence in Yourself

Roxy Sullivan says her life is changing for the better now.

Roxy Sullivan (31 years old, from Cardiff, Wales) is a personal trainer and bikini model. According to the Daily Mail , Roxy suffer from acne, no makeup and had little communication with people. At university, she majored in Public Health Nutrition. In 2013, she started to lift weights and noticed a positive change in her body.

Thanks to hard work, Roxy’s slim figure becomes healthier and more attractive. This motivates her to take more care of her appearance.

Roxy Sullivan told the Daily Mail: “A lot of old friends at school don’t recognize me. I was very skinny and shy as an adult, legs just the size of my arms. I have a bit of acne and never makeup. Now I am a completely different person, possessing a toned body “.

After reading a book on how to build self-confidence, the female coach started to put on makeup. “If you feel confident inside, you feel it on the outside,” says Roxy Sullivan. She now rarely leaves the house without getting her hair and makeup done.

Female model shared on her personal page: “One of the reasons I love my work is being able to encourage more women to come to the gym. I want to teach them how to lift weights and show that the gym is not the place scary”.

The change in appearance gives Roxy Sullivan a new life and a stable career. “I make more money when I become a full-time personal trainer – about $ 46 an hour. Now, I have a lot of clients, a good balance between work and life,” she said.

Bikini Model Shares How to Have a Beautiful Body And How to Have Confidence in Yourself

On her personal page, Roxy Sullivan regularly posts photos and videos of instructions on weight lifting exercises to help slim her waist, develop her bust. In addition, she is also confident to show off her curves through tight clothing or bikini. “Bodybuilding gives me a better life,” she said.

Photo by Roxysullivan / instagram

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