Girl Dressed Like Supermodel to Prove Fat Can Still Wear Beautiful

Katie Sturino always tries to convey a positive message about loving herself, whether you are fat or thin.

Girl Dressed Like Supermodel to Prove Fat Can Still Wear Beautiful

Katie Sturino is famous for her dynamic fashion sense, impressive color combination. She actively shares many messages about loving herself. Page The 12ish style of female bloggers become home to sister with oversized bodies seek to learn how to coordinate graph.

In order to help people have more positive thoughts about the body, Katie Sturino often shares photos dressed like supermodel series like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber. She realized that whoever wore it did not matter, as long as she could put on the clothes to help her mood become happy, she felt attractive.

There was a time when Katie Sturino had a hard time when fashion designers didn’t produce her size. Although willing to spend money to buy clothes, many brands still refuse to make clothes for her. This is when the blogger started writing the hashtag #MakeMySize with the expectation that the fashion house will produce clothes for oversized people.

Dressing like a celebrity is posted by Katie Sturino every Sunday with the hashtag #SuperSizetheLook. Each outfit was thought and chosen by her to suit the oversized body but still look trendy like a female star.

Katie Sturino did not dodge any colors. She used to wear purple, red, yellow and pink tones. The designs look similar because of the tones but are actually different designs. If the model Cara Delevingne chose the waist discount dress, then Sturino variations with oversized blazer. This factor helps the overall still luxurious but suitable for oversized body.

Sturino’s personal page owns nearly 500,000 followers. Her way of coordination is learned by many people. Besides fashion, female bloggers actively share more beauty tips and skin care. While at home, she also regularly exercises to help her body healthier.

Besides supermodels, Katie Sturino also wears clothes inspired by actors and singers. In fact, a series of photos of female bloggers helps a lot for sister associations with oversized bodies. Instead of thinking low self-esteem, leading to not daring to wear beautiful clothes, Sturino’s followers know how to choose clothes so trendy without showing defects.

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