How to Choose Clothes to Look Younger

For many women, the issue of age is a highly undesirable topic. It is customary to hide or delicately bypass the party, and among the best compliments there are invariably those who downplay the real number of years. And in this matter, clothing is one of the most important helpers: with the right selection, it can make us younger. Here are some tips on how to make your wardrobe a reliable ally in a game against age.


Color plays a huge role in the perception of the image. It has a psychological effect not only on those to whom we show our outfits, but also on ourselves.

Over the years, the contrast of the appearance decreases, therefore it is better not to allow proximity to the face in dark and complex shades, as well as in pure white. The best solution is light and pastel colors. They will give the image freshness and visually make the skin smoother.

Vivid colors are acceptable in accents, such as accessories. Dark and complex shades can be used in the lower elements of the wardrobe: in trousers, skirts or shoes. And remember that plain things always look more advantageous than things with a print or pattern.




Too voluminous things always make the image heavier and make you older. But at the same time, too fitted things have the right to exist in your wardrobe only if they unequivocally emphasize the advantages of your figure.




It is not necessary to increase the length of the dress with age. Conversely, a midi or ankle-length skirt can add a few years to suit the silhouette. The best length is 5 cm below or above the knee, depending on the harmony of your legs.

To individually select your length, stand in front of the mirror, take a scarf and position it so that it opens your legs in the narrowest part. This will be the best length for your dresses and skirts.




All shiny textures, such as satin, lurex, velvet… reflect light and emphasize all skin imperfections. It is better not to use these fabrics in the portrait area, so as not to strengthen the analogy with wrinkles that appear with age.

Prefer natural fabrics with a smooth matte texture, such as wool, cotton, linen, lace … The matte surface absorbs light and visually makes the silhouette more harmonious, and the skin – more perfect.




Say no to using earrings, rings and pendants in the image. It looks old-fashioned, like traditional headsets in gold or silver.

Give up brooches with stones and rhinestones, which also have a direct association with the 80s. If you are a lover of brooches, give preference to geometric models. Brooches now have the right to be not only on the chest, but also on the jacket pocket, on a scarf, bag, collar, hat or even on shoes.

Jewelry should be an accent in the image. It is better that they also have a deeper meaning for you. Jewelry can act as a talisman and help you include the necessary internal state in a given situation.

Give preference to designer jewelry. Even if it is jewelry, it should look expensive. Choose earrings of complex design, as an option – with elements of geometric shapes.

Use pearls and diamonds to be careful, wear such jewelry exclusively modern design.



Remember that fashion is the art of keeping up to date. Follow the trends, emphasize your advantages and consider the features of the figure, and you will evoke admiring glances at any age.

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  • 10 Branded Items Whose Fakes Can be Recognized in two Brands. But Few Know How to Do This.

    In order to get good profit and customer attention, mass-market manufacturers do not stop releasing fakes of popular brands on the market. And if earlier counterfeit could be detected at a glance, now some replicas are becoming so high-quality that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from the original.

    Happy Worthy Life has prepared a small cheat sheet for those who like branded things and want to be sure of their quality.

    1. Timberland Boots

    • The caramel-colored sole , upon closer inspection, seems slightly transparent. The company logo and brand name are printed on it, the joints of the heel and the sole are almost invisible and look like one smooth line.
    • The logo is located outside on the bottom of the boot above the heel. Its imprint is even and clear, located strictly upright.
    • Eyelets on the boots are even hexagons , which are neatly rounded on the outside. On male models there are 7, on female – 6.
    • All seams on the boots are made of white thread. If there are several seams nearby, then strictly parallel to each other.

    2. Pandora Bracelet

    • The color of the original silver bracelet is muted , not light or shiny: during the manufacture of Pandora products, the blackening technique is applied, which gives them a unique shade.
    • The new original bracelet perfectly holds its shape and practically does not bend, it clearly visible facets of weaving.
    • For real Pandora bracelets, the size of the clasp is comparable to the size of the charm . On the front side of the clasp there is an engraving of the brand – the word Pandora with a crown above the letter “o”.
    • Inside the lock is a proprietary mount – clover , which looks like a small screw with four heads and serves to securely fix the bracelet. Also, the lock must have the hallmark of the assay chamber, and inside it is a factory stamp.
    • Pandora charm and Murano have an inscription with the brand name and the designation of the metal from which the products are made. Murano do not have chips, cracks and air bubbles inside.

    3. Levi’s jeans

    • The denim of the original Levi’s has a pronounced diagonal pattern , the same on the front and back sides.
    • The back pockets of the original jeans have a 2-line pattern that resembles an eagle’s beak.
    • All Levi’s jeans have a rectangular patch (patch) made of leatherette or pressed cardboard on the belt, above the right rear pocket. On the label are the logo, slogans, size and model number, as well as a picture of the drivers with horses trying to rip jeans.
    • A small flag (tab) sewn into the right rear pocket may be red or another color (depending on the series). On it is the inscription Levi’s and sometimes the letter R, circled in a circle.
    • Buttons-bolts on the front side are labeled Levi Strauss , and on the back – the model number. Rivets also contain the brand name on the front side and the model number on the back.

    4. Lacoste Polo

    • The Lacoste crocodile is always executed with clearly distinguishable details. You can see his eyes, teeth, paws, red jaws. The body of the crocodile is bright green, the tail runs parallel to the back.
    • At the base of the polo collar is a white patch with a logo and a red number that indicates the size. On male models, this is one figure, on female models – two.
    • A fake Lacoste polo can give out one tiny detail – buttons. For original Lacoste clothing, mother-of-pearl buttons with two holes are used without any inscriptions. Replica manufacturers often forget about this and use four-hole buttons.
    • In men’s models, there are small cuts about 1.5 cm deep at the bottom of the t-shirt . In female versions, no cuts are provided by the manufacturer.

    5. Guess watches

    • Straps for watches Guess made of metal, silicone or natural leather. The bad smell of the product, uneven coloring, cracks, scratches and abrasions on the strap are a sign of fake.
    • The back cover should contain basic information about the watch : logo with the brand name, watch case material (usually steel), data on the  Japan Movt engraved watch movement (since Guess only uses high-quality Japanese movements).

    6. Sneakers New Balance

    • New Balance sneakers contain brand names on the back, tongue, side of the sneaker and side of the sole, on the sole and insoles. The logo in the form of the letter N on the side of the sneaker is made in the form of a patch.
    • Original sneakers have a soft sole made of foam material , it is easily pressed and quickly returns to its previous state. The tread part is made of rubber. On the insoles of real New Balance sneakers there is a perforation , a logo, size and model information are applied.

    7. Bag Michael Kors

    • For its bags, the brand uses cream-colored price tags that contain basic information about the product: article, color, material, parameters, price in dollars and a special bar code.
    • On all accessories of the original bags there is an engraving with the brand name . It is applied to magnetic clips, handle rings, clasps, carabiners and mounts.
    • Branded bags are made of a dense material that does not deform even during shipment when the bag is in the package.

    8. Hoody Supreme

    • There are two dark red labels on the neck of hoodies. On the first, larger, the name of the brand is written with the letter R in the circle, on the second the manufacturing country is Canada. On the inner label where the care instructions are located, there should be a recommendation not to iron the product. Replica manufacturers often miss this.
    • On hoodies with an embroidered logo, the arrangement of letters on the red hem should be uniform , the distance between them should be sufficient. If you turn the original sweatshirt inside out, then on the back of the logo you can see a thin mesh of white threads.
    • Supreme sews on the hoods of his sweatshirts only flat laces, which are neatly tied at the ends. Round shoelaces that are scorched at the ends, or shoelaces with lugs are a sign of fake.

    9. Burberry Scarf

    • The original scarf always has clear lines, dense texture.
    • The fringe threads on the branded scarf are tightly twisted and divided among themselves, do not unravel when touched.
    • The brand name on the label attached to the product must be written in capital letters. Also, the label should contain information about the country of origin and the composition of the scarf.

    10. Ray Ban Points

    • Authentic Ray Ban glasses are made without frames on the frame and are made of solid plastic. The joints on the metal frame look neat and almost imperceptible.
    • Most often, real glass is used for the manufacture of lenses , models that use plastic lenses can be clarified on the manufacturer’s official website.
    • In the upper right corner of the right lens is the Ray Ban logo inscription , it is engraved on the surface of the lens, so it cannot be erased.
    • On the outside of the arms there should also be an inscription indicating the manufacturer. Also on the left arm is usually the serial number of the product, and on the right – the designation of the country of manufacture.

    Do you buy branded items or prefer them more budget counterparts? What is more important for you: price or quality?

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