Stylist Told How to Create Modern Look With Things That Already Out of Fashion.

It is not always possible to update the wardrobe for the new season in accordance with the latest trends. And often a thing is liked so much that you simply don’t want to get rid of it. And no matter how many stylists say that, for example, skinny jeans are already out of fashion, we continue to wear them or even get a new pair. As it turned out, there are small tricks that will help to look stylish, even if irrelevant things are present in the image. The stylist Yana Lunkova told about such tricks in her instagram .

We was interested in the idea of ​​a stylist that you can create a modern look using things that are already out of fashion. To do this, just change the styling of the kit and competently combine these wardrobe items with others. We carefully studied the posts of Yana Lunkova on Instagram and share her tips with you  .


A too-tight T-shirt can be hidden under a jacket or voluminous shirt. The kit should add current accessories.


An outdated jacket can be saved with a stylish belt. Often, jackets that are out of fashion have shortened sleeves. In this case, it is better to roll them up or pull them higher.

Outdated denim jacket

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A denim jacket of an outdated fitted cut can be used in multilayer sets for outerwear or a voluminous jacket. The main thing is that it does not have decor elements, such as rhinestones, spikes or applications.

Tight-fitting turtleneck

A too-tight turtleneck or a turtleneck with decorative elements that have become irrelevant (for example, appliqué made of rhinestones) can be used as the bottom layer for modern clothes. It can be a voluminous shirt or cardigan.

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Another option to beat a too-tight turtleneck is to wear it under the dress. All these kits allow you to create layering and warm up in cool weather or cold season.

Fine knit cardigan

An ensemble with a thin knit cardigan looks modern only if this wardrobe item is worn on a naked body. Also, things of a similar cut should be tucked into trousers or a skirt. Well, the buttons on the product should be replaced with more massive ones.

Slim Fit Shirt

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A fitted shirt can be hidden under a sweater. The bottom edge of the shirt may peek out from underneath.

Skinny jeans

An important rule  is not to wear a skinny top. If you really want to, then create a multilayer kit by putting on a voluminous jacket, jeans, vest, and leather jacket.

And what things you will not stop wearing, despite the trends of fashion?

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