The Actress Shares How to Lose Weight by Dancing And How to Have a Healthy Diet

Lisa Riley is satisfied with her current figure after losing 16 clothes sizes.
Lisa Riley (born in 1976) is an English actress and television presenter. She returned to the screen in January 2019 after a long absence. Currently the actress is satisfied with her loss appearance.

During a conversation with The Sun , Riley said: “I love this age and have never felt any better. I love my curves.”

In 2012, Lisa Riley attended dance program Strictly Come Dancing of BBC. She and her dance partner ended up in 5th place.

However, the departure of Riley’s mother from breast cancer at the age of 57 made her determined to change her lifestyle. The actress gave up junk food, as well as cooking healthy meals herself. In addition, she adopts physical training and exercise procedures.

Results less than 2 years, Lisa Riley reduced the size of her clothes from 30 to 14. Her weight loss index was 76 kg.

Lisa Riley has not been drinking and smoking for 5 years. “I’m very proud of what I do. I love inspiring others to live healthier lives,” she said.

Dancing is considered an art form that has effect of losing weight. While dancing, you need to engage the muscles all over the body, especially the legs, hips and thighs to participate in the exercise.

If you regularly dance with many fast and strong movements, the muscle groups will be more calories loss. Some dances to quickly get back in shape like zumba, samba, hip hop, belly dance …

Besides, you also need to apply healthy menu to lose weight safely and effectively. Reduce your intake of animal fats, sweets, fast food and processed foods. At the same time, eat rice cooked from brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, legumes, green vegetables, and low-sugar fruits to supplement carbohydrates that are beneficial for health and physique.

Photo by Lisajaneriley / instagram

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