The Best Modern Rules of Underwear Etiquette Women Need to Know

Underwear can not only successfully mask the flaws of the figure, but it is also quite capable of spoiling the appearance if it is chosen incorrectly in size or style. In addition, to create a beautiful and non-vulgar image when choosing linen, it is worth considering current ethical standards.


Happy Worthy Life collected 17 rules of etiquette, following which you will always feel confident in choosing shorts, bras and tights.

The rules of translucent blouses

17 Modern Rules of Linen Etiquette Which Only Real Ladies Know About
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Under blouses made of thin fabric, you should choose a bra of a similar shade. If previously noticeably translucent underwear was fashionable (combinations of white blouses and black bras were often found), now it is considered bad form.

  • Under white, it is better to wear underwear that is as close in color to your skin as possible.
  • The selected bra should be solid.
  • If the clothes are frankly transparent, the bra should be replaced with a lace bralette or a tight shirt in the color of a blouse.
  • You should avoid white underwear, regardless of the shade of the blouse, as it will be too noticeable.

Bra Rules

17 Modern Rules of Linen Etiquette Which Only Real Ladies Know About
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All the rules recommended by stylists for wearing bras have one principle: underwear should not be noticeable. First of all, you need to pay attention to the texture of the material from which the bra and clothes are made.

  • The thicker and freer the clothes, the more textured the bra can be (ruffles, lace and voluminous push-ups are acceptable).
  • If you prefer tight things, you should choose a bra that is smooth, without bulging bones and with good support.

Pantyhose Rules

17 Modern Rules of Linen Etiquette Which Only Real Ladies Know About
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Tights can be a great addition to any look, but inability to choose the color and texture of this product can lead to a gross failure. Particular attention should be paid to the formality of the situation and your shoes.

  • In the office, you must follow the rule of one color: choose light tights for light tights, and black or brown for dark ones. At the same time, tights should not be darker than the skirt, the ideal option is a tone in tone or a little lighter.
  • Mesh and patterns are a great choice for a party, but they are not suitable for everyday wear.
  • It is better to choose medium-density products for shoes, and tight tights for boots.

Stocking rules

17 Modern Rules of Linen Etiquette Which Only Real Ladies Know About
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Stockings – a summer lifesaver for women who work in the office and are forced to follow the dress code. The rules of harmonious combination of this garment with the main way will help to avoid an awkward situation.

  • White stockings are good with a nurse outfit or like wedding underwear. In other cases, neutral tones should be preferred.
  • The pattern on stockings (as well as pantyhose) is more suitable for girls with very slender legs, because visually plump. Owners of full legs are better to wear plain products.
  • The optimal length of stockings is determined simply: the cuffs should be one palm above the level of the skirt or shorts.


Coward rules

It would seem that the choice of underpants is in no way connected with the rules for combining clothing elements. However, let us recall one small detail that can destroy all the charm of any image: we are talking about sharp rubber bands, crashing into the sides. A slightly less common, but no less annoying problem is the outlines of cowards on the pope, visible through the fabric of trousers or skirts.

  • Select linen should be based on the appearance of the buttocks. For example, the rule works perfectly: the more elastic the buttocks, the more open panties you can afford.
  • The fabric of linen is directly dependent on the material of outerwear: if you wear things from a very thin, almost airy fabric, then you should pick up panties of approximately the same density.
  • To get rid of the hated gum that literally “bites” into the body, it’s enough to follow 2 simple principles: 1) choose underwear that fits above problem areas and 2) prefer seamless shorts instead of thongs and bikinis.


The rules of lace tops – bralettes

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A bralette is a small pitted top that is lace and often decorated with decorative elements. This product can be worn as an independent element or as underwear.

  • Bralette is suitable for girls with small breasts, because it does not support well and with curvaceous forms reveals a little more than it would be worth showing.
  • As an independent lace top, it is better to wear in combination with a skirt or trousers that have a high waist.
  • The ideal option is to wear a blouse that is too open to wear with a simple bra. Bralette can be seen in front, behind or in armholes. The only limitation here is in the texture of the blouse: it should not be lace.

And what rules do you follow when choosing which clothes to wear?

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