Top 5 Fashion Trends for Which We Must Say Thanks to the Celebrities

Celebrities are divided into two groups: those who follow fashion and those who create it. The second, of course, is much smaller, but they will always be remembered as pioneers.

We at Happy Worthy Life tried to recall the most striking and sometimes even crazy trends that came into fashion with the light hand of celebrities.

Rihanna – shoes with socks

Women wore heeled shoes with socks back in the last century, but then this was done more for reasons of practicality. With the advent of pantyhose, the habit completely outlived itself and even became considered an antitrend. But a couple of years ago, Rihanna breathed new life into this technique. The singer boldly combines bright socks with designer shoes. She once wore a $ 1,340 Gucci white mule with socks.

Kim Kardashian – Contouring

Contrary to popular belief, the TV star is not the creator of contouring: this makeup technique appeared long before Kim. But it was Kardashian who brought this trend to the masses. This selfie, taken back in 2012, forever changed the idea of ​​makeup.

Jennifer Aniston – Rachel’s Hairstyle

The hairstyle, named after the heroine of the cult series “Friends”, has become the main symbol of the 90s. Aniston appeared in this image in the 20th episode of the show. The actress’s stylist decided that she needed to change her image a little, and she didn’t lose it, because after the release of the series all the fashionistas of that time wanted a “haircut like Rachel’s.”

It is noteworthy that Jennifer herself hated this haircut. “I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen,  she once said .

Audrey Hepburn – Ballet Flats

Today it is difficult to imagine our life without ballet shoes: they are both practical and feminine. But this was not always the case. The construction of this model of shoes in the rank of a trend we  owe the cult Audrey Hepburn. She knew how to wear ballet shoes like no other. They say that the actress had a special love for shoes on a flat stroke due to her ballet past.

Paris Hilton – Velour Tracksuits

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Sportswear has long migrated from fitness centers to the streets. And we cannot deny the role of Paris Hilton in this matter. It was with the easy submission of the cult blonde that the velor tracksuit became almost the main fashion trend of the 00s and the hallmark of a whole generation.

What trends did you recall? What would you add to the article?

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