What Things From The Past Decade Will Form Basis Of Fashion Wardrobe In 2020

20 years ago it seemed to us that in the new millennium, fashion would be completely different: new styles, fabrics and shapes. However, each time after watching fashion shows, it becomes clear that the fashion is cyclical. So, in 2020, many forgotten trends from past seasons migrated, however, in more modern interpretations. Perhaps we can say that the motto of the coming years will be awareness, comfort and versatility.


We at Happy Worthy Life decided to figure out which investments in the wardrobe will become a win-win option in the new decade.

1. Leather things

Leather things are at the height of fashion, and they will not lose their relevance for several more seasons. In 2020, you can complement your wardrobe with any item made of genuine or artificial leather: from a shirt to a long cloak, like Neo’s from The Matrix. By the way, in 2021 a new part is expected to be released, so apparently the designers were inspired by this very fact. But if we are talking about leather trousers, it is better to choose not tight leggings, but looser pants with an oversized waistline.

Clothing of bright colors: red, orange, green, blue will look especially advantageous – designers of fashion houses offer a very wide range of colors in the new year.

2. Jeans – “Malvins”

2. Jeans - “Malvins” Fashionable Wardrobe In 2020
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This model got such a strange name back in the 90s, when jeans of the famous Mawin brand were at the peak of fashion. “Malvins” are high-waisted jeans that expand on the hips and then taper down.

In 2020, such a style will be a real hit, however, the designers have modernized it a bit. If earlier such trousers were sewn exclusively from boiled denim of a blue hue, today designers offer a huge variety of fabrics and colors for “malvin”.


3. Sleeves Lanterns

3. Sleeves Lanterns Fashionable Wardrobe In 2020
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Fashion for voluminous sleeves-lanterns was revived by the fashion house Bottega Veneta, and now in new collections this trend occupies leading lines. Moreover, the “flashlights” can be both in combination with a high neck, and with a normal neckline.

True, if a few years ago such sleeves were indispensable companions of a romantic and delicate image, then in 2020 a blouse with magnificent sleeves can be safely balanced by everyday jeans or trousers. Depending on the fabric and color palette, your outfit will turn out to be either solemn or casual.


4. Voluminous shoulders

A couple of years ago, it seemed that jackets and coats with voluminous shoulders could be put off into the far corner until better times. However, in the new year, designers again returned to their massive shoulders, and now they have provided them with not only outerwear, but also dresses with blouses. Perhaps this way fashion designers want to give women more strength and self-confidence.

The hypertrophied shoulder line can be obtained both with the help of a special cut, and thanks to special shoulder pads. True, stylists advise to carefully choose things with massive shoulders, since they do not fit every type of figure. For example, if your height is above or below average, it is better to choose more rounded silhouettes.


5. Bermuda shorts

Replaced bicycles were replaced by free-style shorts to the knee or slightly lower. Moreover, long Bermuda shorts can be worn all year round, just complementing them with tight tights or high boots in winter and autumn.

In 2020, Bermudas can be anything you like: even with arrows, even with lapels, the main rule is to make you comfortable in them. In addition, elongated shorts are a universal thing that is suitable for any occasion. If you supplement them with a jacket or shirt, you can go to the office, and if you wear Bermuda with a silk top or a chiffon blouse, you will get a great holiday option.

6. Grunge style

6. Grunge style


The beloved grunge style has returned to fashion. It is said that this fashionable direction becomes relevant when society protests against generally accepted old rules and wants to find a new path. Grunge is beautiful in that it is eclectic and not limited by any framework – long live the combination of incongruous things and layering.

If you like baggy jeans, soft plaid shirts, coarse boots and boots, you will look very relevant in the new season. The only limitation: in 2020, the grunge style excludes bright colors. Pastel, black, white and gray tones are in fashion.

7. Corduroy style

7. Corduroy style
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In the new year, trends from the 70s quickly burst into the world of fashion. Especially popular are things from textured velveteen. Designers only slightly modernized the silhouettes of past times, relying on convenience and comfort.

Velveteen can be worn both in combination with other fabrics (denim, leather, silk), and independently – velvet total look will be a real hit. Also, stylists advise to pay attention to trousers made of this fabric, these can be free silhouette models or flared.

8. Costumes oversize

Surprisingly, if oversize down jackets lose their position, then suits “like from someone else’s shoulder” are still relevant. Creative directors of fashion houses clearly rely on convenience and versatility, so in 2020 trouser suits are very difficult to divide into male and female.

If you want to make the look more textured and feminine, fashion designers are advised to complement the suit with a wide leather belt or even a corset belt.

9. Total denim

No other fabric can match the practicality of denim. Add to this fact the trend of conscious consumption today, fashionable today, and it will become clear that denim will be at the peak of popularity. For several years in a row, a combination of 2 or more denim items has become the hallmark of many fashionistas.

In 2020, designers are also advised not to forget about denim overalls, sundresses, skirts. A characteristic feature of denim items in the new season is a more saturated and deep shade of fabric.

10. Bucket Bag

Experts say that the fashion trend for microbags, which are difficult to put even a phone in, will soon disappear. In the new year, practicality and rationality will prevail, so roomy accessories will return to us. At fashion shows, you can increasingly see bags that are somewhat reminiscent of household buckets.

Choosing such an accessory, it is better to pay attention not to dark, but to bright or light shades and unusual accessories. This will dilute the monophonic outfit and make it more winning.

11. Anorak

Anorak is a jacket that protects from the wind. She is often confused with a hoodie, but the anorak is usually made of thick waterproof fabric. Initially, this wardrobe item was intended for tourists and climbers, but then it was mastered by hipsters and hipsters. Today, anorak is a frequent element of everyday wardrobe.

Designers in 2020 slightly changed this thing, making it more elegant. Today, female anoraks are complemented by decorative elements, as well as various patterns and ornaments. So they can safely be worn with skirts, dresses and shoes.

12. Knitted dress

A dress from knitwear is a must-have of any wardrobe; it has been wandering from season to season for several years now. In the new decade, knitwear has not lost its relevance, except that it has acquired several characteristic features. For example, today a fashionable dress is deprived of bright and catchy prints, it is more functional, it is easy to combine with various details of the wardrobe. In this sense, knitted suits occupy a special place, since they can be used to instantly compose a new original set.

If you combine knitwear with ballet shoes – you get a casual look, and paired with shoes or high heel boots will get a decent dress.

13. Ballet shoes

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld proposed wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses in 2014. It was this idea that laid the foundation for a new athleisure style, which can be translated as “sports leisure.” Now the tendency to wear sneakers with a dress is losing its former freshness and novelty, giving way to more classic combinations. Perhaps the whole point is that every year sneakers are becoming more and more ridiculous and ugly.

One way or another, in 2020, fashion designers seek to return Czech and ballet shoes to our wardrobe – on the one hand, it’s convenient, on the other hand, it’s beautiful.

14. Panama

A few years ago, Panama was associated either with a children’s hat, or with an accessory for tourists and summer residents. Just a couple of years ago, designers convinced fashionistas and fashionistas that Panama is stylish and original. Someone decorated them with veils and buckles, and someone even suggested a winter version – from felt and fur.

So in the new decade, Panama will become as familiar a hat as a hat or baseball cap.

Which of these fashion trends would you capture in 2020, and which ones would you prefer to get rid of forever?

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