Where Do Fashion Trends Come From and Who Actually Decides What We Will Wear

On the hangers of clothing stores ridiculous trousers appeared again, bicycles a la 90s and sweaters like granny’s, and you ask yourself: “Who invented all this?” It turns out that there are experts who identify fashion trends and predict what we will wear next season.


We at Happy Worthy Life decided to once and for all figure out how clothes fashion appears and why people give huge amounts of money for ugly sneakers or a handbag that even a phone cannot fit into.

Specially trained people watch what we wear

Where Do Fashion Trends Come From and Who Actually Decides What We Will Wear
© Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola / ABACA / Abaca / East News   © Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola / ABACA / Abaca / East News  

How do stores decide that this year they need to sell a moth-sweater or a ruffle dress? Quite specific people are responsible for this choice  – trend watchers (Eng. Trendwatcher – “watching trends”).

Trend watchers watch women and men on the street. They notice what ordinary people wear. If the girls, as one, wear high sandals, tuck jeans or roll up their sleeves, then soon it will all become fashionable.

Where Do Fashion Trends Come From and Who Actually Decides What We Will Wear

A good trend watch does not just look at what people are dressing for, it  keeps track of everything that its target audience lives on. Coffee houses, where you look on the way to work, your favorite social networks and even popular TV shows affect the formation of fashion in the next season.

Marketers first collect information about preferences, and then implement these trends in life. That is why people easily accepted both ugly sneakers and leaky sweaters: we already saw this on the street, on Instagram or in the series.

For example, the screening of the Chernobyl series, the speeches of Greta Tunberg and the popularity of the ecology theme led brands to make clothes from recycled materials and actively take care of nature. From the point of view of marketers, ecology is a trend that can be sold to people at a high price.

Marketers use celebrities to make us feel

Where Do Fashion Trends Come From and Who Actually Decides What We Will Wear
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Marketers do not focus on stars like singers or actresses, but use the term “influential people.” These are journalists, celebrities, experts, bloggers, and even popular scientists, to whom ordinary mortals listen. Everything that they wear, eat or drink, most likely we will want to try on ourselves. And the thing is easy envy.


Actually, the desire to imitate is natural for a person. A little envy and try to be like those who are more beautiful, smarter, more athletic than you, it is quite normal. And this feature of our psyche is used by marketers.

We  unwittingly identify the product that the star represents with its personal qualities. For example, when Jennifer Aniston advertises a perfume, women who consider her sweetheart go to the store for a bottle of these perfumes.

Remember the heroine of Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City”, who promoted expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes, or the Kardashian-Jenner family, whose representatives are considered trendsetters. If you want to buy “Kerry-like” shoes or “Kylie-like” lipsticks, you probably don’t need these things specifically: you like the image that these women create on the screen (not without the help of marketers, by the way).

When brands run campaigns with influential personalities, they earn an average of $ 6.85 per dollar invested . Noticed that the stars began to use headphones or suddenly fell in love with a mineral water of a certain brand? Know: all this is beneficial to someone.


A new type of advertising has appeared, in the trap of which many people fall

Where Do Fashion Trends Come From and Who Actually Decides What We Will Wear
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A few years ago, marketers faced a problem: people stopped watching ads on TV and switched to social networks, and there traditional videos do not work. Because of this, influencer marketing has emerged  – a new type of advertising, on the hook of which we come across together.

Now bloggers with whole armies of subscribers tell us what is fashionable and what is not. And who is telling them? The same marketers who really need to sell something (albeit completely ridiculous).

According to a survey, 70% of marketers of famous brands use the services of bloggers to promote goods. A recent study says that 40% of network users buy a new thing after they see it in their feed on twitter, facebook or instagram .

The trick is that we perceive all these bloggers  almost as friends, and not as advertising agents. Well-known brands give them samples of goods so that they “walk” at events. Remember the tiny Jacquemus handbags that all fashionistas had last year? According to some reports, 30% of the brand’s income came from a micro-bag, which is impossible to use. And all thanks to the fact that the creative director handed out the accessory for free to bloggers before Fashion Week in New York.

Low-income brands have to pay for advertising. There are special sites that help you choose a blogger for each target audience: teens, beauty bloggers, housewives, or brutal machos.


If the stars whose pages you are subscribing to have embraced walking with a certain handbag model, or have all put on leggings and you also urgently wanted the same thing, think about it. Perhaps at this very moment, brands are pushing another fashionable novelty that no one will need after 3 months.

Marketers use your feedback to promote your brand.

According to  statistics , you spend at least 2 hours a day on the Internet, and before buying a new thing, traveling or watching a new movie, read what other network users think about this. In fact, reviews are a powerful marketing tool that quietly affects your decisions.

Marketers are able to promote good customer reviews. Of course, serious brands do not write eulogies about themselves, they affect you differently. For example, Victoria’s Secret made a rating system for each product on the site and a tag “verified by customers”. And if you do not trust brand advertising, then you are willing to listen to the opinion of an ordinary woman.


Luxury brands play on our pride

Where Do Fashion Trends Come From and Who Actually Decides What We Will Wear
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Psychologists say that people buy luxury goods and expensive branded items to boost self-esteem or reward themselves for hard work (“I Deserve It”). Therefore, luxury brands play on our pride and desire to belong to the circle of favorites and do not sell their belongings to anyone. Thus, they create an artificial shortage. And as you know, what you can’t really want.

A lot of options: closed clubs, limited sales, admission by invitation. For example, OnePlus smartphones were sold only at the invitation of friends, and a million people bought them in a year  . Some luxury brands like Chanel, Céline do not sell clothes online, which emphasizes their exclusivity. And Burberry, Louis Vuitton and others generally burn unrealized leftovers, so as not to sell them at a discount and not to lose prestige.

Things luxury brands are ten times more expensive than the mass market is not at all because of the incredible quality. Their price includes the costs of cooperation with the stars, catwalk shows, promotion and much more. A big name does not guarantee that you will pass the bag for several thousand dollars to the grandchildren by inheritance .

What will this race lead to?

Ultimately, the craze for trends leads to the emergence of antimode. Her bright follower is actor Shia Lababe, who wears clothes as if taken out of a closet with his eyes closed. But even such an antimode has found its fans, and it seems that you will not run away from trends.

Do you follow the latest trends or prefer comfortable, practical clothes?

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