10 foods to stock up to survive the coronavirus epidemic at home

And what would you buy with the threat of a 10-day home imprisonment?

Recently, German authorities published a list of products required for ten-day quarantine in connection with an outbreak of coronavirus . The list is compiled per person, and this is what it contains:

  • 20 liters of drinking water;
  • 3.5 kilograms of cereals, bread, potatoes or pasta;
  • 2.5 kilograms of canned vegetables and nuts;
  • 4 kilograms of dried fruits and canned fruits;
  • 2.6 kilograms of dairy products;
  • 1.5 kilograms of meat, fish, eggs or egg powder;
  • 0.4 kilograms of oil;
  • sugar, honey, flour, bouillon cubes, cookies and chocolate.

This list has already been criticized by the former head of the Russian Rescue Training Center Alexander Gofshtein. In his opinion, it is necessary to stock up not with meat and milk, but with canned goods, which have water in their composition – they will save the consumption of drinking water, and they have much more calories.

Based on the list from the German authorities and taking into account the opinion of Hoffshtein, we have compiled a dozen universal products that are necessary in conditions of home quarantine.

10 foods to stock up to survive the coronavirus epidemic at home

1. Drinking water

If you do not have a filter installed, be sure to stock up with bottled water. It will always come in handy, especially if water is suddenly turned off during quarantine.

2. Cereals

Buckwheat, rice , barley and other cereals are the main source of complex carbohydrates. Variety of such a set will help Bulgur , which has a low glycemic index .

3. Pasta

Durum wheat pasta is rich B, E, PP vitamins and beneficial minerals.

4. Potatoes

Irreplaceable source amino acids, carbohydrates, potassium and fiber. It is also an easy-to-prepare side dish for replacing cereals.

5. Canned food

Stew, canned fish, canned fruits and vegetables – a storehouse of nutrients with a long shelf life.

6. Meat

A source protein, iron and zinc. Meat can be stored in the freezer for the entire duration of quarantine.

7. Fish

A source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, indispensable for the regulation of metabolism.

8. Dried fruits

Dried fruits or berries are not only a healthy snack, but also a source of vitamins and minerals.

9. Honey

Sugar substitute, contributing to the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, normalization of the digestive system and blood pressure.

10. Chocolate

A source of caffeine and theobromine, which increase energy levels. Dark chocolate , devoid of colorings and preservatives, is especially useful .

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