11 Familiar Foods That Best Bought Only Frozen

At first glance, fresh foods seem more healthy than frozen ones. But researchers argue that vegetables and fruits better retain the substances needed by the body, having been in the freezer. And when they are fresh, on the contrary, they gradually lose vitamins and minerals.

We has figured out which products are best to choose in frozen form and for what reasons it is worth doing this.

1. Sea fish and seafood

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Lucky people living near the sea can enjoy freshly caught seasonal fish and seafood all year round. Residents of cities remote from water bodies should prefer seafood in  freezing conditions . The fact is that during transportation, chilled fish and mollusks can go badly corny. Proper freezing protects against the risk and also kills parasites during long periods of storage.

2. Berries

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

  • Frozen fruits have recently helped me in the fight against cravings for sweets. Cold-processed raspberries and coconut milk contain only 50 kcal. © CapLeander / Reddit
  • For many years I could not lose weight, I tried all diets. Recently I heard advice on eating more frozen cherries instead of sweets: it dulls the appetite well. Before use, it should be half thawed. And here is the result: after 6 months of fitness and diet on frozen berries, I can finally put on my favorite swimsuit without hesitation. True, the method may not be suitable for those who have diseases of the stomach. I’m embarrassed to show my photos, but the way it was and it was like about the girl in the photo.

3. Mango

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

The process of finding ripe mangoes is like a quest. On the shelves mainly come across green, fibrous and hard fruits. Frozen mangoes are a great option for those who like to enjoy juicy fruits. First, producers most often freeze fruit at the peak of the season, when its freshness is maximum. And secondly, cold treatment further softens the pulp of the mango and makes its taste more tender.

4. Bell pepper

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Bell pepper is one of the main sources of vitamin C among vegetables. 100 g contains 127 mg of micronutrient with a daily intake for adults of 45–90 mg. But its concentration in bell pepper begins to decrease when exposed to metallic household appliances. Quick freezing stops this process, preserves vitamin C and other beneficial substances. In addition, crushed bell pepper in a frozen form is conveniently added to vegetable dishes during cooking.

5. Ready rice

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Purists might shudder. But frozen cooked rice can mean fluffy grains on your table in seconds. A study in South Korea found that many consumers saw little difference in aroma, texture, or taste between frozen or home-cooked rice. Bonus: individual frozen servings means less waste. So pop them in the microwave for a perfectly steamed bowl.

6. Broccoli

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Few eat broccoli for taste. The whole charm of this vegetable is in its vitamin and mineral composition: it contains a lot of calcium, beta-carotene, fiber and the aforementioned vitamin C. But, like in bell pepper, the content of nutrients in asparagus cabbage decreases with time. After a week of languor on the shelf, the vegetable loses at least half of them. Freezing solves this problem: preserves vitamins in broccoli and does not make in vain sacrifices in the name of proper nutrition.

7. Spinach

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Fresh herbs are an excellent addition to any dish. However, it remains fresh for a very short time. Take spinach. After a couple of days, Fresh herbs begin to wither and lose beta-carotene, calcium, folate, magnesium and other useful substances . Freezing preserves vitamins and minerals in spinach.

8. Bread

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Bread is a perishable product. Very soon, its flesh becomes stale, and the crust loses freshness. In addition, if you do not eat bread constantly, but from time to time, you often have to throw away spoiled leftovers. Freezing baking solves these problems.

9. Green peas

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

These sweet pods have a very short season. That’s why almost all shelled peas are sold frozen. That’s not necessarily bad. The frozen ones just might have more nutrients. That’s because fresh produce start to lose vitamins and minerals within hours or days. The frozen stuff is usually picked, prepared, and packaged when it’s at its nutritious peak.

10. Minced meat

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Many people are familiar with situation when you buy minced meat for dinner, the semi-finished product deteriorates. This is due to the fact that the surface area on which oxygen acts is much larger than whole pieces of meat. As a result, bacteria multiply more intensively. Freezing preserves quality and freshness of the product for a long time and allows you not to worry about its safety.

11. Pomegranate seeds

11 Familiar Goods That Best Bought Only Frozen

Pomegranate seeds are a healthy snack and an excellent supplement in vitamin salads. However, there are 2 problems: the season of the fruit and the difficulty of extracting grains from under a tight peel. But the finished frozen grains are sold all year round. You can put them in your favorite salads at any time, as well as prepare delicious sweet and sour pomegranate sauces.

Which foods do you prefer to buy frozen and which ones are fresh?

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