15 Unusual Products for Us That Can Be Seen in Foreign Supermarkets

In foreign supermarkets you can find a number of strange goods for us, which are included in the standard grocery basket. Foreigners are used to seeing chopped vegetables and fruits, boiled eggs and a lot of things so familiar to our housewives, but sometime don’t realize

We at Happy Worthy Life found it hard to recognize mayonnaise and mashed potatoes due to unusual packaging, and we could never find bread on the shelf. But it turned out that there are many other products that look completely different in our supermarkets.

In Switzerland, colored eggs are sold all year round because they are easier to distinguish. Bright – boiled, plain color – raw

In the USA we went further: there they are also cleaned, and then packed and packaged.

But pickled eggs are especially loved

A California resident writes: “I always have a pack of chopped onions in my refrigerator. No tears! ”

In Sweden, you can find ready-made mashed potatoes with herbs, the packaging of which resembles sausage in shape

And in the refrigerator there are boiled crayfish

Well, where without fruit and berry soups

A soup “from mommy”, which appears in many films, is in demand in the United States

Just liquid bacon from Sweden

Fish sausages from Thailand for those who do not eat other meat

And finally, diet water. A smart marketing move, considering that in ordinary water, 0 calories

In European stores, tubes of mayonnaise look like a pack of toothpaste or cream

What other unusual products have you seen? And who would never dare to try?

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