17 Dishes According To Journalists Worth Trying At Least Once in a Lifetime

Japanese scientists have proven that the way we taste different tastes varies greatly with age. In childhood, ice cream is really sweeter, and many vegetables are terribly nasty, because they are bitter. As we get older, we gradually lose the sharpness of perception, and in a sense it’s even good, because in this way our culinary horizons expand significantly. But it also means that we need to have time to get to know different dishes while we are at the peak of the tasting form and are able to fully appreciate them.

At Happy Worthy Life, we love lists, so we read the list of delicacies that you need to try at least once in your life in different ways. They even mastered Mimi Sheraton’s book, “1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die” (1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die). And based on what they read, they compiled their selection, not forgetting to indicate where which dish is the most authentic. Dishes

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Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs Dishes
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From which: golden, bread-crusted and deep-fried “ball” of minced meat hides a surprise inside – a chicken egg, ideally soft-boiled.

Where to try: the British say that the best place to try Scottish eggs is the good old pub, where you will be served a freshly cooked dish, fatty and hot.

Cream Pie

Cream Pie Dishes

From which: in a cup of puff pastry a thick velvety custard with the aroma of lemon zest and cinnamon is baked.

Where to try: in Portugal. At the Pasteis de Belém bakery, every day is the turn of those who wish to purchase the best pastries in Lisbon. Dishes


Ceviche Dishes
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From which: from raw fish marinated in freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. It is generously seasoned with hot chili pepper, fragrant coriander and thinly chopped red onions are added.

Where to try: in Peru, there grow unique green lemons with the most acidic juice in the world. In Lima, the capital of the country, the most famous restaurant specializing in ceviche is El Ceviche de Ronald.

Clam cakes

Clam cakes Dishes
© Onlyinlilrhody  

From which: slices of juicy oysters in a dough of cornmeal, oyster juice and eggs, deep-fried until golden crisp. Dishes

Where to try: the best oyster pies are sold by street vendors in the coastal towns of Rhode Island (USA). Burning hot balls served in small bags, and eat them on the go.

Paling in ’T Groen

Paling in ’T Groen Dishes
© June /  

From which: soup from gutted eel without skin in a thick green gravy. Gravy contains a whole bunch of green herbs: mint and oregano, thyme and nettle, tarragon and basil, parsley, chervil, sometimes spinach, as well as ginger, butter, cornmeal and shallots.

Where to try: originally from Flanders, “eel in green” is a national Belgian dish served at the best fish restaurants across the country. The Antwerp restaurant Domein Park West is especially proud of it.

Thüringer Rostbratwurst

Thüringer Rostbratwurst

From which: the recipe for Thuringian sausages dates back to the 15th century and is carefully guarded by German butchers. It is known that the basis is finely minced meat (pork, beef or veal), as well as caraway and marjoram. Sausages are fried on a grill greased with bacon and served in a bun with local mustard. Dishes

Where to try: go to the Erfurt farmers market, where they will sell you the freshest real sausages. Or stop by the village of Holzhausen in the municipality of Washenburg, where the German Museum of Sausages (Deutsche Bratwurstmuseum) is located.



From which: french fries, sprinkled with thick brown sauce and sprinkled with fresh young brine cheese. The potato is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the sauce is moderately fat and salty, and the slightly melted cheese has an amazingly firm and elastic texture.

Where to try: this is a Canadian national dish, born in the French province of Quebec. The best Putin is served in Montreal at La Banquise Restaurant.


© BeTheBestMe / tripadvisor  

From which: although bouillabaisse is called soup, by consistency it is more likely a stew. It includes the freshest seafood – at least 3 types of different sea fish, shellfish, octopus, crab and lobster, vegetables include potatoes, leeks and tomatoes, spices – a bouquet of garni and saffron, the finishing touch – spicy thick sauce swarm.

Where to try: traditional Marseille bouillabaisse is different every day, because it is cooked from the fish that was caught that day. Therefore, you need to try it in those restaurants where the best relationships with fishermen are established. For example, in the port restaurant Grand Bar des Goudes.



From which: sweet pudding, without which no Indian carnival can do, is prepared from rice, milk and dried fruits, ground into flour. Saffron and cardamom add taste and aroma to the dessert. Slices of mango, cherry or almond paste color the firn in different colors, and a side dish of rose petals, chopped almonds and pistachios makes the dish even more attractive.

Where to try: during the holidays, freeride can be bought in restaurants at Hindu temples.

Pho Bo

Pho Bo
© foodiesfeed / freepik  

From which: the hero of this dish is a strong and spicy transparent meat broth, and slippery rice noodles and pieces of meat are just extras. The soup is served with a handful of fresh herbs and a generous serving of lime juice.

Where to try: in Vietnam. The dish can be found in the restaurant menu, but it is better to get acquainted with a less prim version and buy a bowl of soup from a street vendor.



From which: a sandwich cake is made from white or rye bread with various spreads and additives. In one piece you can find pate and olives, grapes and cucumbers, cheese and ham, in fish cakes there will be shrimp, salmon, caviar, lemons. Almost always there are eggs and mayonnaise in the dish.

Where to try: such bread cakes can be bought in supermarkets in Finland, Sweden and Estonia, but the tastiest home-made version is smorgastortre, prepared by the Finnish mistress for the holiday.

Hamsi tava

Hamsi tava
© Trabzon / twitter  

From which: anchovies breaded in corn flour and deep-fried are the mysterious Turkish hamsi / hamsa. If it is served with arugula and thinly sliced sweet onions in a freshly baked crispy bun, you get a hamsi ecmek.

Where to try: hamsa – winter fish, fresh it is available only from November to February. Go to the fish market in Fethiye or the Istanbul fish market Karakoy – and you will not lose.


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From which: “fiery meat” – the name of the dish is translated – this is the Korean version of the barbecue. Thin slices of meat – beef, chicken, pork – are marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil with spices, and then each person fries his own piece on a small grill set in the center of the dining table.

Where to try: in Seoul. Byeokje Galbi Restaurant uses only Hanwa for bulgogi – high-quality Korean beef, which in its characteristics resembles the famous Japanese wagi beef.


Chawanmushi Dishes
© Nami / justonecookbook  

From which: a smooth and silky custard from eggs, but not sweet, but seasoned with soy sauce, mirin and dasha broth, is the basis of the dish. Shrimps, shiitake mushrooms, a variety of crab sticks – kamaboko, bamboo shoots are placed in it.

Where to try: in Nagasaki. Yosso Restaurant has been specializing in the preparation of tyavan musi since the end of the 19th century.


Meggyleves Dishes

From which: a cold soup of whole tart sour cherry with pits, sour cream, white wine, cinnamon and cloves. If you take red wine instead of white wine, add honey and replace the spices with rosemary, then you get megilileus in Transylvanian style.

Where to try: in Hungary, various variations of this soup can be tasted in every cafe and restaurant, but only in hot weather.

Pizza Ebraica

Pizza Ebraica Dishes

From which: this ugliest of the most delicious desserts in the world is not pizza, but rather a huge cookie made of sweet shortcrust pastry, generously flavored with raisins, candied fruits, almonds, dried apricots and dried cranberries.

Where to try: at the last kosher bakery in the Roman ghetto Pasticceria Boccione. Please note that the queue is taken in it in the morning, long before the opening. Dishes


Escamoles Dishes
© Josue Roberto Sención Cruz / gettyimages  

From which: escamoles – a “ground-based” analogue of black caviar – is a delicacy with a delicate buttery-nutty taste; it has a pleasant, curd-like texture. Although the dish looks like small grains of rice, it is actually ant larvae.

Where to try: only in Mexico. Exporting escamoles outside the country is a crime. Come seasonally – from February to April – and head to the Fonda Don Chon restaurant, specializing in pre-Columbian dishes.

Do you have your own list of dishes that you need to try at least once in a lifetime? How different is it from ours?

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