18 People Who Just Want to Eat But the Dishes Almost Discouraged All Appetite

No one disputes that chefs have every right to creativity of dishes. But sometimes their fantasy goes beyond all boundaries. And as a result, we sit over the plate and think: “I wonder, what is it?”

And of course we have seen all kinds of things, but tuna on the palette and bacon in a mug, you know something in something.

Not even sure how to drink out of this thing? Maybe a straw?

There is an oil painting, but here – a picture of a fish

“Bacon and egg in a mug. Are they expecting me to drink this? “

But the milk carton did not disappear

Here is a bunch!

There is more decor than food

How do you like this Valentine’s Day cake?

Mashed potato cone

Just potatoes in a flower pot.

Tacos in a glass cups. Probably tastier this way

Vanilla milkshake in mason jar topped with not one, but two Oreo sandwiches

‘Forest’ was served on a piece of tree. Delicious though.

Wooden plates can be like this

Full scoop of food

Have you tried cutting pizza with scissors? They say it’s more convenient this way

Oh, and your pies will not dry

When food wider than plate

The main thing is that fat does not drip onto your fingers.

Would you agree to eat such a dish? Or would you require a standard serving from the cook?

What do you think?

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