25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about

Coffee with a sandwich or sandwich on toaster bread in the morning, pizza with pineapple on weekends, lard or oysters – to pamper yourself on holidays. These dishes are known to everyone, but they all hide puzzles that we did not even imagine. It’s a pity they don’t talk about this at school.

We at Happy Worthy Life looked at store shelves and popular places to discover unusual facts about your favorite cafes and products.

25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about
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  • Many people wonder why we get round pizza in square boxes, because they useless empty space. The answer is simple: assembling such a box is simpler and cheaper. It will take only one sheet of cardboard, and it’s more convenient to store such a container.
  • The ratio of cookies to cream in Oreo remains unchanged: 71% and 29%, respectively. Probably, this is the combination the manufacturer considers ideal, because the recipe of 1912 is still being observed.
  • Nutella jars weighing 14 ounces (400 g) contain exactly 52 nuts.
  • Some of us adore semolina, because we met at a very tender age, while others hate it, because we first tried it after 3 years. At this age, neophobia develops – a fear of the new, which is why some people are skeptical of products that they have not tried before.
  • Love and aversion to peculiar products and their combinations are laid before birth and develops under the influence of the experience gained. The eating habits of parents, especially mothers, have a strong influence. For the same reason, the taste of the same products is different for everyone: for some, cilantro seems fragrant, while for others its smell is too harsh. The same can be said about food with a peculiar texture: lard, oysters, soybeans, stewed cabbage, etc.
25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about
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  • A triangular-shaped sandwich is considered more delicious than a rectangular one. In restaurants and cafes, sandwiches are served with sauce, and it is more convenient to dip a triangular sandwich in a container with it, and then put it in your mouth.
  • Also, a triangular sandwich holds its shape better during transportation. The absence of a crust on the diagonal allows you to better see the filling and get to it faster.
  • The Subway franchise café has a distinctive smell throughout the world. In the establishments they use the same bread, but they keep in secret what specific ingredient in the composition gives this memorable aroma. According to guesses, this is caramelized sugar.
25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about
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  • Nuggets at McDonald’s come in just 4 shapes: “ball”, “bell”, “bow tie” and “boot”. The reason is that these forms provide uniform cooking and bring variety, moreover, 3 forms would be too small, and 5 – too much.
  • The Domino’s Pizza logo initially had 3 points: exactly so many establishments were opened in 1965. Tom Monaghan, the founder of the pizzeria network, planned to add one point to the logo with each new open establishment. But the company has experienced rapid growth, and the idea has lost its relevance.
  • Only 3 people on the planet have an academic degree in “pizza”, one of them is the same Tom Monaghan. The discipline itself appeared in the 1980s as part of the Domino’s College of Pizzerology, a network management program.
  • Cheese is one of those products that are most often stolen in Europe. In 2011, he even ranked first among stolen goods. According to experts from the Center for Retail Research (The Center for Retail Research), the thieves are not always small thieves, sometimes cheese thefts are committed for commercial purposes, for example for resale. This is especially true for such expensive products as parmesan.
25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about
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  • Life hack for those who work in the office or love to take coffee with them: the drink will stay hot longer if you add whipped cream there: the foam cap will keep warm.
  • The smell of coffee often seems more pleasant than its taste. This is due to the fact that our saliva, which contains the enzyme amylase, destroys half of the molecules that are responsible for the aroma of an invigorating drink.
  • The cutlet in the burger consists of the meat of several dozen animals of the same species – this is a mixture of muscle tissue of cows from different producers.
  • Ice cream can cause a headache: there are receptors on the palate that send a signal to the brain about heat loss. Blood rushes to the head and causes pain. But the receptors can be fooled: hold your tongue against the palate – the receptors will warm up, and the brain will no longer perceive the situation as potentially dangerous.

25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about
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  • Seventh-day Adventists came up with cornflakes. This movement attributes adherents to stick to vegetarianism. Therefore, at the end of the 19th century, Dr. William Kellogg (Will Keith Kellogg) decided to create several dishes for such a diet. Once he went away and left a portion of boiled corn and wheat. Returning, he saw that the products had hardened. This prompted Kellogg to further experiments and the invention of flakes.
  • Marmalade bears and cars have something in common: in the first and in the second case, carnauba wax is used. Thanks to it, marmalade acquires the effect of radiance, and the surface of the machine – shine.
  • Potatoes can reflect and absorb Wi-Fi signals: a vegetable interacts with waves in much the same way as a person. This property was used by Boeing engineers to improve the signal in their planes: the decommissioned airliner was filled with potato bags and tested the signal for several days.
25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about
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  • Starbucks intentionally makes round tables. This form allows single people not to feel like that, because there are no empty places at the round table.
  • Pumpkin is a berry, and almond is a fruit. This is because, in addition to the culinary classification, there is a scientific one. In it, plants are considered depending on the structure of the flower and the fruit. A berry is a fruit with a hard peel, pulp and seeds under it. Almonds are the fruit of stone fruit.
  • Pistachios have the ability to ignite spontaneously during transportation and storage in large quantities. The fact is that these nuts have a high oil content, and transportation creates the effect of friction – the temperature of the oils rises, as does the risk of fire. Therefore, they are usually moved at low temperatures and under special control.
25 Facts that Food Manufacturers and Fast food Chain Owners are usually Silent about
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  • “Pasta of pasteaneska” in translation means nothing more than “pasta in the style of a fallen woman.” The dish appeared in the middle of the last century under the most ordinary circumstances: a hungry company looked into one of the restaurants before closing. The guys asked to make a paste with any ingredients, the owner found a couple of olives, tomatoes and a few capers. The name of the paste indicates that it can be prepared as if between things. But there is another legend: ladies of easy virtue cooked pasta in haste in the intervals between the reception of visitors.
  • There are about 600 types of pasta in the world, their names sound pretty nice, however, if you know the meaning of the word in Italian, you can lose your appetite: linguines – “tongues”, vermicelli – “worms”, orecchiette – “small ears”, etc.
  • Potatoes are not green because they have not yet ripened. He can get such a shade after he was dug from the ground and sold in a store. Under the influence of light, the poisonous substance solanine is formed in the root crop – it gives a green color.

And what question about products or popular networks torment you? Write in the comments and we will try to find a rational explanation.

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