Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee

Starbucks coffee houses are scolded almost more often than praised. Either they find themselves at the center of the scandal in connection with the shortage of milk, then they are accused of inflating the price of coffee. By the way, the highest prices for Starbucks drinks are overpriced in Russia. And yet, people around the world are ready to overpay for a fragrant drink every day, preferring this particular network.

Happy Worthy Life was interested in watching how a small coffee shop turned into a huge international corporation that continues to conquer the world. We already wrote about the psychological tricks that Starbucks uses to attract visitors. This time we will tell you about other facts.

Names on glasses are specially written with errors

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • While other food chains print the order number on the check, the barbers at Starbucks ask for customer names. Dale Carnegie also noticed that a person is pleased to hear how his own name sounds. That is why sales managers and employees of call centers ask customers how to contact them.
  • By the way, the barista specifically make mistakes when they sign your glass. There is a funny explanation for this. Firstly, it provokes people to emotions and interaction with the barista.
  • Secondly, after receiving a glass with an error, you will probably want to take a photo and share it on social networks. The hashtag #starbucksnamefail has more than 27,000 posts on Instagram. Free advertising!
  • Even celebrities are not immune from mistakes in spelling a name. For example, the name Reese Witherspoon on a glass was recorded as Greece (i.e. Greece).
  • Starbucks management has repeatedly stated that it does not in any way support or force its employees to spell out names in error. However, it does not prohibit.

The conversation with the buyer is the responsibility of the barista

 Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • After traveling to Milan in 1983, Starbucks founder Howard Schulz realized that people come to a coffee shop not just for coffee. To discuss the latest news and to have a couple of jokes with a barista over a morning cup of espresso in Italy is sacred. Schultz decided to follow the example of the Italians and succeeded.
  • Making conversations with customers is one of the duties of a barista. If in other catering establishments conversations with customers are not encouraged, then Starbucks employees, on the contrary, are taught this. After all, a person is always pleased when he is recognized and interested, for example, why he didn’t come in for a long time.
  • In general, relations with visitors at Starbucks employees are less regulated than in other catering networks. For a polite regular customer, the barista, at his discretion, can offer additional topping for free, and instead of using ordinary coffee, make a caffeine-free portion instead of regular coffee.
  • Once a barista’s friendship with a visitor led a coffee shop employee to give her kidney to a regular customer who urgently needed a transplant.
  • The coffee shop can be opened 10 minutes earlier and closed 10 minutes later. It would seem a trifle, but for a person in a hurry to work or, conversely, delayed in the office, any of these 10 minutes can be a real salvation.

Starbucks lets you “pick up” your own drink

  • Starbucks is one of the few food chains where you can “collect” a drink according to your own recipe. And this is not only an additional portion of cream or syrup. You can add any ingredients from the menu in any order, beat, mix and so on. Examples of such drinks can be found on instagram tag #secretmenustarbucks.
  • They say that using the usual set of ingredients, you can cook over 87 thousand variations of different drinks.
  • A few years ago, the Challenge “Order the most expensive drink at Starbucks” became popular in social networks. People came to coffee houses with their giant mugs and demanded to make a drink for them according to their own recipe, most importantly – as expensive as possible. The record holder in 2017 was a certain William Lewis, Jr., who placed an order for $ 148.99.
  • You can get water at Starbucks for free, but few people know about it. There are water bottles on sale, they, of course, are more expensive than in the store. But you can also ask for a glass of water – it will be poured for free.

The location of the new coffee house is chosen very carefully.

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
  • Before choosing a place for a new coffee shop, experts carefully study the area, look at which streets are the most crowded, especially in the morning and evening hours. They even pay attention to how many residents of the region have higher education.
  • Once in New York, they decided to open a coffee shop on the other side of the street from an existing institution. Many thought it was crazy, but the second coffee shop was just as successful. The fact is that it was located at another exit from the subway. The people who used it were uncomfortable to go into the first coffee house, so when the second opened, they became its regular visitors.
  • Also, if you plan to open a coffee house in a separate room, pay attention to where the windows go: they should not look north. Feng Shui has nothing to do with it. It’s just that people who rush for a cup of coffee in the morning are much more pleasant to see the street illuminated by the sun.

Starbucks On Train Car

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee

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  • The most unusual location of the Starbucks coffee shop is a train car, or rather two. They were converted from former dining cars, and now passengers on the Geneva-St. Gallen train can enjoy the ride while sitting in their favorite coffee shop.
  • In tourist places, Starbucks tries to open coffee houses not just in the city center, not far from the main attractions, but inside them, such as in the Czech Republic: Starbucks coffee house is located inside the Prague Castle.
  • In Copenhagen, Starbucks opened inside the old train station. There even preserved intact decor details – original floors and wooden arches. And many visitors come specifically to look at them.
  • But sometimes Starbucks goes too far in search of a superlocation for its establishments. So, in July 2007, the company still had to close the coffee shop, which since 2000 worked in the Forbidden City in Beijing. From the very beginning, it caused disagreements, and many Chinese believed that the American institution in such a sacred place for the country “undermines Chinese culture.”

Buyer Experiments

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • Starbucks is known to have coffee shops that do not advertise their brand. There is no company logo at the entrance, workers do not wear the usual green aprons, and the terms tall, grande, venti are not used in the menu. The only thing that reminds you of branding is the inscription on the door: “Inspired by Starbucks.”
  • In such “cunning” coffee houses marketing strategies are worked out, the reaction of visitors to new varieties of coffee, the design of the menu and the interior is studied.
  • In addition, in Seattle (USA), the company is testing a new cafe-bar format. The institution opens later, beer and wine are served here, musical and literary evenings are held to create a creative atmosphere.
  • Starbucks also has exclusive Starbucks Reserve coffee houses, where you can taste elite coffees from small family plantations. In addition, the company owns small shops, which are called differently and sell what is not on the usual menu: expensive varieties of cheese, wine, beer.

Starbucks – Localization Geniuses

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • Starbucks tastes different coffee in different countries. For example, in the USA they use 2 times less coffee to make espresso, because Americans are not used to the tart taste of real coffee.
  • In honor of national holidays, coffee houses offer special treats. For example, on Mexico’s Day of the Dead, cute skull-shaped cookies were sold at local Starbucks.
  • For each country, they not only carefully think through the menu, adding dishes of local cuisine, but also study the mentality of local residents. Introducing the American brand into Chinese culture was not an easy task, but Starbucks successfully managed it by relying on family values ​​and integration with local communities.
  • Starbucks Chinese coffee houses have furniture that can be moved around, as the Chinese often visit the cafe in large groups and it may be necessary to move the tables.
  • Also, given the mentality of the Chinese, coffee houses tried to place in crowded places and made large windows in them so that those inside could catch the envious glances of passers-by who could not afford the “elite” western drink of the highest class.

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • In order to enter the market in Saudi Arabia, the company even had to change its corporate logo, since the image of a mermaid (which, by the way, until 1987, showed naked breasts) in a conservative Muslim country is unacceptable.
  • In the UAE, more expensive materials are used for interior decoration than in other countries. For example, gold and marble, because it is they who are associated with local residents with respectability. And, of course, in Arab countries, Starbucks does not sell alcohol.
  • The hardest thing for Starbucks was to break into Italy, a country that inspired Schultz to create a network and that has strong coffee traditions. The first Italian Starbucks coffee house opened in Milan in an old post office in 2018.
  • Interior design is also being designed taking into account national characteristics. In Japan, coffee houses are specially made with low ceilings and use the colors typical of Shinto shrines for decoration, so that visitors feel more relaxed.
  • And, for example, in Kyoto, coffee shop visitors are asked to take off their shoes, because they are in a historic building where geisha lived 100 years ago. Guests drink coffee while sitting on the floor on the tatami rugs.

Starbucks has a number of demands on its employees

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • As you know, employees at Starbucks are called “partners” and a lot of demands are made on them. For example, they should not dye their hair in bright colors, wear bracelets and massive rings (only wedding bands are allowed), use perfumes, and make defiant manicures and tattoos in visible places.
  • Restrictions associated with rings, bracelets and manicure were introduced for hygiene purposes. But tattoos, unnatural hair color and perfume are forbidden, since nothing should distract the visitor from enjoying coffee.
  • Every Starbucks employee is universal. One and the same person can make coffee, wipe tables and clean the toilet. Regardless of experience and position, each barista should be ready to pick up a mop.
  • During the training, trainees are taught to make drinks incorrectly, and then correct their mistakes so that in a similar situation at rush hour they will not get confused.
  • At least once a month, each coffee shop passes a secret check. Supervisors make sure that the barista serves customers no longer than 3 minutes, do not forget to smile and start a conversation with customers. If the barista violates these rules, the coffee shop will receive low marks.
  • Coffee shop employees can make coffee at any time. They are also allowed to take drinks for which no one came, and eat desserts that could not be sold.
Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • Not all clients tell the barista their real names. Some people think up “pseudonyms” (Spider-Man, Kurt Cobain, Santa Claus), being sure that Starbucks employees will appreciate their sense of humor. But for most workers, this does not seem ridiculous: both Spider-Man and Santa Claus come to Starbucks daily. However, the barista should not show their annoyance, so they shout out the names that visitors call them for the rest of the fun.
  • Starbucks employees don’t like it when customers order sophisticated drinks during rush hour. They also claim that no secret menu exists. But visitors continue to demand drinks under strange names like Clint Eastwood, Butter Beer, Tear Drop and are outraged if the barista does not know how to make them.

Starbucks is often mentioned in the movies and attracts the attention of stars.

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • There are absolutely polar reviews about coffee at Starbucks: some talk about it with enthusiasm, others think that worse coffee just doesn’t exist. The main hater of Starbucks coffee in Russia is Artemy Lebedev. He began to write angry posts about him back in 2007, when the network first appeared in our country, and continues to do so until now.
  • In America, the famous chef and TV host Anthony Bourdin was famous for his active dislike of Starbucks. A particularly sharp reaction was caused by the hit of Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. Bourdain said: “There are 4 things that I hate the most in this title: Starbucks, unicorns, and pink and purple. And, of course, frappuccino. Just the perfect plexus of abominations. ”
  • But many Hollywood stars – such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift – are happy to drink drinks from Starbucks and even share their favorite recipes.
Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • The Starbucks brand has appeared in many films: The Devil Wears Prada, I Am Sam, Sex and the City, and others. But perhaps the most massive and at the same time invisible in the movie was the Starbucks advertisement in Fight Club: if you look closely, a glass with a mermaid’s emblem can be seen in almost every scene.
  • There are 129 movies on IMDb that mention Starbucks.

Starbucks is criticized, not just for high prices

Everything You Would Like To Know About Starbucks Coffee Shops Before Spending 10 Times More On Coffee
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  • The company’s statement about the environmental friendliness of paper packaging is greatly exaggerated. In fact, the cups have a layer of plastic. There are very few places where they are taken for processing. In addition, forests are cut down for the production of containers. Each year, the company produces about 4 billion of these cups.
  • Most often, the company is scolded for disproportionately high prices for drinks. Employees at the Wall Street Journal recounted coffee prices at Starbucks venues around the world. They took into account the standard of living and food prices in each country. It turned out that the most expensive drinks are sold in Russia.
  • Starbucks had to pay a fine of $ 26 million for tax evasion in Europe. Also, they often have to sue former workers and trade unions, who require various compensations.
  • In 2013, Starbucks was convicted of using palm oil to make its own baked goods. Green activists encouraged people to give up desserts at Starbucks, as forests were cut down to produce palm oil in Indonesia and Malaysia, causing significant damage to the population of orangutans and other animals.
  • Starbucks is often criticized for its abundance of sugar-containing drinks. The amount of sugar in 1 serving can reach 25 teaspoons! Some point out that Starbucks menus are extremely small choices for those who eat a healthy diet. And, for example, coconut milk, which many choose as a healthier alternative to regular milk, contains sugar and other additives.
  • During a blind tasting conducted by Consumer Reports magazine, most of the experiment participants preferred McDonald’s coffee. The Starbucks drink seemed to them too bitter. Starbucks lost coffee to competitors at many other tastings.

Do you like to go to Starbucks or prefer to support small offline coffee shops?

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