10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years

At school, children are taught the multiplication table, the laws of physics and a bunch of undoubtedly useful things. However, adults for some reason do not talk about what is important for ordinary life. And, getting older, we are disappointed because reality is not like the pages of textbooks: good does not always defeat evil, rich people rule the world, and loyalty in the family is a rarity.

Happy Worthy Life collected the cruel revelations that most of us come to after making a lot of mistakes.

1. Wealth and power are usually inherited

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years
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Every year, Forbes magazine makes a list of the richest and most influential people in the world. As a rule, half of the billionaires from it once inherited their fortune from their parents or successfully married / got married. Another 20% of super-rich people come from wealthy and noble families.

For example, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos spun on the $ 300,000 he borrowed from his stepfather. Bill Gates (Microsoft) comes from an influential family of bankers and politicians.

The idea that everyone can succeed is just a beautiful dream. True, with the development of the Internet, we have more opportunities to get rich thanks to startups. However, in children of wealthy parents this is faster and easier.

2. Men and women understand friendship differently.

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years

According to studies, a man perceives his girlfriend as a potential lover. And, accordingly, he regards all his friendly gestures (to beat the shelf, help with the machine) as an investment in the sex that may someday happen.

A woman considers a man-friend an assistant and receives more material benefits from friendship, but does not consider a man as a romantic partner. Because of this, there is a “friend zone effect” when a guy hopes to continue the relationship, and the girl is “just friends”.

3. Better to be a pessimist than an optimist

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years
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In the 1950s, scientists from the United States came up with a positive psychology. According to its principles, you need to perceive everything around through the prism of a good mood, meet difficulties with a smile and not whine. True, modern psychologists believe that such an approach will not bring to good.

Visualization of success and optimism reduce the likelihood of a successful outcome. When a person has already fantasized to himself that everything will be fine, in reality he can give up and begin to wait for a happy end.

But people with a pragmatic or even slightly depressing outlook on the world are doing better: pessimists and whiners predict possible events and draw up a detailed plan in case of failure.

4. Young parents often feel worthless than childless couples

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years
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After the first-born, young parents are 2 times more likely to feel miserable and worthless than childless. And if the pregnancy is unplanned, then the psychological well-being of the partners becomes even worse.

However, the odds of divorce, oddly enough, are decreasing. In other words, having children, you will suffer, but not alone, but together. Despite these difficulties, most parents consider children the greatest joy in life. And what do you think?

5. In relationships, sometimes you need to be selfish

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years

From time to time, partners have to compromise and emotionally invest in relationships. But sometimes you need to think only about yourself so that self-esteem does not collapse down.

Psychologists advise you not to live in the interests of your partner and meet with your friends, spend time alone, take care of your body – in general, to groom and cherish not only your lover, but yourself. Do not try to earn the approval and disposition of your partner, and you will be able to maintain self-esteem and strong nerves.

6. Expensive New Year’s gifts – trick shops

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years
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According to statistics, every year we spend more and more money on gifts and treats, and sellers get trillions of profits. Christmas and New Year have long turned into a tool for pumping money. Retailers decorate stores in November and create a festive mood for you to relax and open your wallet wider.

Modern holidays have become an occasion to go shopping and buy a bunch of unnecessary tinsel. With a clear conscience, you can not participate in this fast-food race, but make gifts with your own hands and remember that Christmas and New Year are primarily family holidays.

7. Almost no one regrets victims of violence and women beaten by husbands

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years
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In psychology, there is the term “victim blaming” (from the English. Victim blaming – “accusation of the victim”), when the victim is accused of the fact that he himself was to blame for what happened. This is a trap of our brain that we regularly fall into.

The human brain craves patterns and believes that evil should be punished, and good always triumphs. Therefore, we are looking for logical explanations for the troubles that occurred with the victim (put on a short skirt / walked along a dark street / said harsh words to the aggressor). The truth is that there are no such reasons, but our brain doesn’t care. That is why people do not spare the victims.

7. Veganism, electric cars and plastic processing are unlikely to save the planet

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years
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Since the invention of plastic, people have stamped 8 billion tons of products from this harmful material, and only 10 of them have been recycled. However, recycling is also not a panacea: clothes, dishes and shoes made from recycled PET still do not decompose and poison the Earth.

Veganism was supposed to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, in the end, it all came down to the fact that a lot of water is spent on watering plants, the fields are poured with chemicals, and forests are cut down for farmland.

Electric cars really do not spoil the atmosphere, but they are dangerous to others: the production of lithium batteries is not environmentally friendly. And in a fire, for extinguishing, for example, Tesla needs several tens of tons of water and special reagents.

Most eco-initiatives are beneficial for someone (mainly people who sell eco-goods).

9. We are wasting work 8 hours a day

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years
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It seems to people that there is a direct correlation between the number of hours spent at work and salary. However, it is not. The only thing you can get due to overwork is professional burnout and a nervous breakdown.

Scientists estimate that out of 8 hours of a standard working day, we are only 3-4 hours effective, and the rest of the time we don’t understand what: we read mail, eat, chat with colleagues. And all because the human brain has limits of concentration: scientists say that we can be concentrated no more than 2.5 hours a day.

10. Men change more often than women. But only at a certain age

10 Merciless Laws Of Life That People Understand Only After 30 Years

It is believed that men cheat on their soul mates more often and loyalty among them is a rare quality. This is true, but only in part. At the age of 30, women are not inferior to men – they even more often deceive their partners.

However, with age, guys get off the coils and 20% more often begin to go left. At the same time, the highest percentage of adultery among those whom we could not even think of: in 20% of families where spouses of 60+ years of age infidelity occur most often.

Do you think these truths are true? Or maybe you have your own thoughts about the unpleasant patterns that adult life throws at us?

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