12 Simple and Effective Bathroom Chips Worth Every Housewife to Try

The bathroom is a place where you always especially want cleanliness, and organizing order is not always easy. To make your life easier, use small tricks that will make the room more comfortable, and cleaning it faster.

Happy Worthy Life has spotted some original bathroom life hacks from bloggers and is ready to share these ideas with you.

You can use the cutlery tray to store cosmetics and small things.

See more about this here.

Use toilet paper to scent the room.

12 Simple And Effective Bathroom Chips Worth Every Housewife To Try

A couple of drops of any essential oil on a roll of toilet paper will refresh the bathroom no worse than an aromatic block. You can learn more about this here.

To make towels in the bathroom smell not of moisture but of freshness, use a spray based on essential oils

Pour water into a small spray bottle, add a few drops of your favorite oil. Drizzle towels. Now your bathroom will be fragrant with freshness. Read more about it here.

To keep the tubes smaller, store them in limbo

Use an optional shower rail and clothes pegs to attach the tubes. Read more about this tip here.

The soft and well-absorbing bath mat can be made of three towels

12 Simple And Effective Bathroom Chips Worth Every Housewife To Try

Step by step, you can see everything here.

If the bath mat is constantly moving, use Velcro for clothes.

Glue one side of the Velcro to the floor and the other to the rug. Now the glide will be minimal. Read more about the advice here.

A thin PVC pipe can make an excellent towel holder

You can attach it outside the door, this will greatly save space. For more information on how to make such a holder, see here.

Use remnants wisely

12 Simple And Effective Bathroom Chips Worth Every Housewife To Try

It’s quite possible to make a new soap out of several remnants – just melt the leftovers in a water bath and pour them into molds before solidifying. And those who do not want to store the remnants can put them inside the washcloth and use until completely dissolved. Read more about this here.

A wall-mounted shoe bag allows you to conveniently store bath accessories

Attach it to the inside of the shower curtain or hang it nearby. A shelf in the bathroom will immediately be freed from countless tubes and jars. Read more about it here.

To prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging, use a shaving gel

Apply gel to the mirror and spread evenly over the surface. Then remove it with a dry cloth. Read more about the advice here.

Convenient soap-washcloth will reduce the consumption of soap. It also looks very cute.

To do this, you need felting wool and ordinary soap. The felting technique can be seen here.

If the soap turns sour in a soap dish, put a bagel for hair there

Bagel absorbs excess moisture, and the soap will remain dry. Read more about it here. Also, instead of a donut, you can use an ordinary sponge.

What kind of life hack did you like the most? Share your impressions in the comments.

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