20+ Familiar Things of Life That Can Be Dangerous

Ignorance is dangerous even in everyday life. For example, in the cellar, from which they forgot to throw out spoiled vegetables, methane can accumulate, and it will be very risky to be there, but not everyone knows about it. Twitter users talked about exactly those things that at first glance are harmless, but in fact can lead to serious problems with the health of people and their pets.


We at Happy Worthy Life care about the safety of our readers and ask that we protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  • The cash receipts contain BPA . Pretty bad thing, as it has a structure similar to estrogen and in large quantities can harm the entire endocrine system. The worst thing is that with checks, it penetrates the body through the skin. Especially through wet. So do not touch them. © luizhekysaken
  • Laser pointer is not recommended to play with a cat. This is a small predator, it is important for her to hunt, catch a toy (prey) and dig into it with claws. It is important for a domestic cat to give satisfaction to hunting instincts. The red dot does not give such a result, the cat develops apathy. © shatalyuga
  • Cheap sunglasses are worse than no sunglasses . They do not block UV rays, but only the visible range. Thus, in the sun, the diaphragm of the eye expands to a normal, everyday level, and the retina burns out with ultraviolet light. To check the presence of a polarizing filter on the glasses, you must look through them at the LCD monitor and turn your head to the side. If the image on the monitor through the glasses is not visible when turning, then there is a filter. If nothing changes, there is no filter. © _de1337ed
  • Grapefruit contains substances that slow down some liver enzymes. These same enzymes destroy some drugs. Therefore, you can catch an unexpected overdose. The instructions for the drugs almost do not write about the interaction with grapefruit. Juice from the package is also considered. © Loly_girl
  • You cannot play with a cat with a piece of paper on a string. That is, it is possible, but only under supervision. It looks harmless, but if a cat imperceptibly swallows a thread for you, and the thread gets stuck in the intestines, only an urgent operation will save. From personal experience. © Lana_Ipekakuana
  • Do not touch the heating / water pipe and the metal casing of any device at the same time. Most houses do not have grounding (grounding, which is also dangerous). Somehow I accidentally hit the aluminum Mac Mini casing and the heating pipe and got a very bright interesting sensation in my chest. © sergeybuevich
  • In the house with cats there should always be nets on the windows. “My cat is not a fool, he has been sitting on the window window all his life and has not tried to jump” – this theory does not work, the brain is different for animals. © avtorkanegoduet
  • Mold products typically contain aflatoxins . They will not poison right away, but they will cause liver cancer, but not now, and then. So immediately throw it away (if this is not cheese with special non-toxic mold). © Loly_girl
  • Flour is explosive, especially if it is sprayed in the air. Sunflower oil burns very strongly. It is very dangerous to add water to the pan in which it boils: oil vapor forms, which immediately flares up. © krlsrg
  • If sunflower oil has caught fire in a pan , filling it with water is not a good idea. Although obvious. © aafin
  • If essential oil is added to the ultrasonic humidifier, then the ultrasonic membrane will break the oil to the smallest particles and they will enter the lungs, forming an oil film. There were even deaths. Although manufacturers of humidifiers always write that you can not add oil, they do not explain the reason. © AndreyZinch
  • I have a book, Poisonous Animals and Plants, and there, at the end, the alphabetical index of plants begins to know where? With apricot! Kernel kernels, especially dried and long-lying, can not be: they contain a high content of hydrocyanic acid. © donanjou
  • The obvious thing, but for many, it turns out to be non-obvious: the mosquito net can not support the weight of the child, and children can very suddenly climb onto the windowsill and lean on the net. Use special locking devices. © Lana_Ipekakuana
  • If your plates or mugs fade from lemon or wine, then all sorts of heavy metals are leached out of the glaze into your food . This is non-fatal, but in the long run can spoil health. © a_you_my
  • In no case should cats be left in a room where a flap is open for ventilation. © avtorkanegoduet
  • Tablets without a special groove cannot be divided into parts, since the active substance in them is mixed unevenly. And it is not known what concentration you will take and whether the medicine will dissolve and be absorbed in the right place. © silenceinworld
  • Never  bring lilies to the house with cats: pollen is deadly. A lot of sad stories on March 8th. © pffully
  • Drinking medicine with something other than water or not drinking it is generally dangerous. Because it is not known exactly how the active substance will work when mixed with different liquids, and an unsweetened medicine can stick in the esophagus and, dissolving there, cause a chemical burn. © silenceinworld
  • An airbag without a belt does not  work and will kill you rather than save you. With a belt, it acts perfectly. © nichegoneviidet
  • Botulism can lie in wait even in a small tiny amount of home-made canned food: botulinum toxin is too toxic, and the focus of the clostridia bacteria that secrete it can be in a millimeter. Briefly: non-acidic home-made (without nitrite salt) canned foods with a high protein content should be eaten after heat treatment, frying or boiling. © Loly_girl
  • Do not go down into deep pits, reservoirs or wells. It is also not obvious, but mortally dangerous . Heavy gases accumulate below. © neo_los
  • Before you do something cool, you should look at YouTube, what damage after this happens. © Loly_girl
  • About ultrasonic humidifiers: wash them according to the instructions. Otherwise, a Legionella that can fly into the air and cause a lot of problems can start there: from a couple of days of cough fever to a serious illness. © etot_tovarisch

What advice would you add to this list?

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