7 Solutions to Repair in Your Kitchen – The Best Arrangement Kitchen

Many people when doing repairs, are inspired by beautiful pictures on the Internet. But sometimes the euphoria after the arrangement of the kitchen is replaced by disappointment. Since it turns out that, for example, a stylish glass table is actually quite impractical, and a sink located near the window causes a clean headache only a headache.

We at Happy Worthy Life honored the opinions of owners of modern kitchens and found out what other solutions significantly complicate life, despite all its beauty.

Black tiles on the floor

Black tile looks stylish not only in magazines and photos on the Internet, but also in life. But for some reason, those who pecked at a beautiful picture and put a dark tile in their apartment (in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway) then regretted it.

The fact is that on the dark surface – both glossy and matte – various drops, spots, dust, wool, hair, crumbs, divorces are clearly visible. And so that they do not catch the eye, the floors have to be washed frequently and thoroughly. And this purity remains only a couple of hours, then again you need to take in the mop.

We emphasize that this applies not only to black tiles, but also to tiles of other dark colors.

“The dark floor in the apartment, the dark blue tiles on the floor in one bathroom and the dark brown in the other, the dark doors, the blue kitchen … It’s just awful … I practically do nothing except wiping surfaces at home … Everything is visible, especially on glossy surfaces. Ready for a divorce from anger and vengeance towards her husband for his color predilections. Although it all looks beautiful, yes. “

Open shelves

Open shelves add lightness to the interior. They look especially stylish with elegant dishes or unusual decor items. But all this beauty, as a rule, is inevitably covered with dust and greasy coating, which is becoming more and more difficult to wash every time.

“For me personally this is a torment! The worst thing is that all these jar-bottles, glasses and mugs are constantly in some dusty greasy coating. And this is subject to a constantly working hood and despite the fact that I try to wipe all these things regularly (I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t wiped them). ”

Glossy facades of dark colors

Glazed facades visually expand the space and overall look very stylish. Another plus is the fact that it is very easy to wash off stained grease spots from them: microfiber cloths and window cleaners are enough.

But there are also disadvantages, which mainly relate to the facades of dark colors. So, scratches are very noticeable on them, and fingerprints remain near the door handles. If there are small children in the family, hand spots will be on the entire surface of the facades. Well, in addition to everything, dust is very visible on them. All this suggests that the hostess will have to pick up a rag more often. And the reviews of the “happy” owners of such fashionable cuisines prove this.

“I have a dark gloss. It looks gorgeous, of course, especially in the evening, with the light on. But you need to wash the facades very often, the slightest drop of water is very noticeable. I don’t know, maybe I’m making too high demands on myself in this … “ Aliens

Lack of doors

The absence of a door in the kitchen and an enlarged doorway make the room spacious and more stylish. This is especially true for small apartments. But there are a number of disadvantages. Firstly, even if the most powerful range hood is installed, odors will still penetrate into other rooms. Secondly, the clinking of dishes and other sounds will be heard throughout the apartment. This is especially true when the family has a small child or the spouses have different daily routines. Thirdly, in the winter, the kitchen will be cooler, since a large open room is more difficult to heat than a small one.

And besides, a closed kitchen is another room where family members can enjoy their personal space.

“Noise is a very topical issue. Even despite the fact that the kitchen is separated from the bedroom by a spacious hall, situations often arise when we are forced to close the door so as not to wake the children ahead of time. ” lelya

Glass Dining Tables

7 Solutions to Repair in Your Kitchen - The Best Arrangement Kitchen
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No one will argue that such kitchen tables look like decoration of the kitchen. True, choosing glass furniture, many do not think about the fact that it will be operated every day. This means that scratches will inevitably appear on the table. In addition, due to careless handling, chips can form on the edges of the glass (when moving the table and hitting the walls or doorposts).

There have also been cases where glass exploded on contact with hot utensils. And this despite the fact that it was hardened.

We are not talking about the fact that after using the table will need to be thoroughly wiped to achieve pristine beauty. Otherwise, the surface will look like this:

And do not forget that there is much more noise from glass tables than from their wooden counterparts. Imagine what ringing utensils will be heard throughout the apartment. In general, before buying such furniture you need to think again whether you agree to put up with these shortcomings.

“You sit at the table and examine your legs and neighbor. Changed to wooden. ” M@рго

Window wash

Placing the sink near the window has both pros and cons. The advantages include a pleasant look that you can enjoy while washing dishes. In addition, the sink and the adjacent surface are well-lit naturally. Well, the location of the sink saves space.

Now about the downsides. The greasyest of them is that even the most neat mistress will have splashes on the glass. They will have to be wiped after each dishwashing. And because of the inaccessibility of the window to perform these actions will be quite difficult.

As a rule, a dishwasher is placed over the sink. But if the sink is at the window, then the dryer here is nowhere to install and you will have to use the desktop version, which will take part of the worktop.

Usually a bin is placed under the sink. And if it stands next to the battery, then unpleasant odors during the heating period are guaranteed. The mixer should also be carefully selected as it may interfere with the unobstructed opening of the window.

“My friends have a sink by the window … My opinion (now coinciding with the opinion of the owners):
1) you can’t see the TV, because you look out the window, and the TV on their wall;
2) drops of water fly to the window;
3) there was a lot of trouble with the transfer of pipes, one headache;
4) the sink turned out a bit low. ”

Black granite sink

A black sink looks very stylish and expensive (however, like other dark colors). But in the picture. In practice, a dark sink is often covered with light stains from cleaners. And if the water from the tap has a high level of hardness, then limescale will inevitably form on the surface.

Are there any solutions in your kitchen that you regret? Or are you glad that you did just that? If your kitchen has dark glossy facades and you are completely satisfied with them, share the experience of caring for them.

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