8 Common Things in the House That Make You More Age

You can lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise regularly, but still look older than your age. Premature skin aging occurs as a result of many factors such as air quality, the environment around us, and even the home interior.

We want to stay young and beautiful as long as possible, so we decided to figure out what things in our house can age us imperceptibly.

Standard pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases lead to premature aging of the facial skin. The fact is that friction of the fabric during sleep leads to the formation of creases and  wrinkles on your skin. To preserve youth, experts recommend abandoning cotton pillowcases in favor of silk ones. Skin and hair glide over the smooth fabric so a fresh look is guaranteed in the morning. In addition, silk does not absorb creams and serums applied before bedtime.


8 Common Things in the House That Make You More Age

Chemical detergents should be used exclusively with protective rubber gloves. For example, a high content of a substance such as sodium lauryl sulfate destroys the lipid barrier of the skin , causing it to become dry and covered with small cracks.


Modern microwave ovens are safe for humans. However, microwaves can leak from damaged and  dirty appliances. Therefore, it is important to keep your microwave safe. In addition, eating frozen foods is also harmful to your health and your appearance. This is because they contain a lot of trans fats and cholesterol, which can block arteries and cause heart problems.


8 Common Things in the House That Make You More Age

During the heating season, it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity in your home. Heaters and radiators dry the air very much, thereby dehydrating your skin. It is believed that even a 30% decrease in humidity can lead to the formation of fine wrinkles. To maintain a comfortable microclimate, install a humidifier at home or buy more expensive models of heaters that do not “burn” the air.

Phone screen

Blue light (HEV) from your cell phone and computer screen can cause hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging. “HEV radiation is present in daylight, but is also emitted by fluorescent lighting and LEDs, including TV screens, smartphones, tablets and computers,” commented dermatologist Andrew Byrney .

Covers for clothes

Do not store your clothes in plastic bags or bags. Yes, of course, protect from dust, but your skin will not say thanks. Polyethylene and non-woven covers do not  allow air to pass through , which is why they create an excessive accumulation of moisture on the clothes, which subsequently leads to the development of fungus and mold. If it enters the human body, mold spores can adversely affect health, for example, provoke a cough, asthma attacks , and also lead to a deterioration of the skin.

Shower gels

8 Common Things in the House That Make You More Age

We are not saying that you should completely abandon the use of shower gels. However, when buying, pay attention to their composition. Some of the ingredients found in many popular shower gels not only do not cleanse, but, on the contrary, pollute the pores of your skin, as they are made from petroleum products. Choose SLS and paraben free products. One of the most dangerous sulfates is sodium laureth sulfate ( SLES ). It dries out the skin and envelops it with an oily film.

Cast iron batteries

8 Common Things in the House That Make You More Age

If possible, try to replace old cast iron batteries in your home. The fact is that over the years, a large amount of dust accumulates in the slots of the radiator. As a rule, few people clean these hard-to-reach places properly. As a result, polluted air with dust particles damages the skin barrier and destroys collagen (or, as it is also called, the protein of youth), which provides elasticity and firmness to your skin.

What shortcomings are there in your home?

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