Story of a Special Girl Who was Abandoned by Her Mother

Raising a child is a great responsibility for both parents. What can we say about when the parent is left alone. The young father Bogdan Zverhivskyi alone copes with the upbringing of his daughter, and the task is not easy: the girl has cerebral palsy and hearing problems. However, Bogdan does not despair and charges readers of his blog with faith in the best.

We at Happy Worthy Life admire Bogdan’s courage and want you too to be inspired by his optimism.

The daughter of Bogdan was born on June 2, 2016, when her mother was 7 months pregnant. Doctors discovered a woman’s blood flow disturbance and decided to take a risk: give her a cesarean section, as a result of which baby Emilia was born prematurely. Soon after that, my mother left the family and since then has not been involved in the upbringing of her daughter. The young father is helped by his mother, Emilia’s grandmother.

Due to the early birth, Emilia had problems with the retina, and she underwent 2 operations on her right eye. The operations did not help. On the contrary, it only got worse: due to anesthesia, the baby developed muscle hypertonicity – their tension, which persists even in a state of relaxation. Sometimes, because of this, Emilia cannot sleep for a long time, and then Bogdan wears her in her arms and strokes her head. He admits that nothing else helps at such moments.

Emilia stopped walking and lost the ability to hear. Now she perceives 105 dB in each ear – this is a volume comparable to the roar of the subway. But she feels much stronger body heat and breathing. When you bend over to kiss her, the baby certainly feels it.

Bogdan admits that the most difficult thing was at the beginning, the first 3-4 months. He had to completely change his lifestyle. If earlier he spun like a squirrel in a wheel, then after the birth of his daughter he switched to remote work in order to spend more time with Emilia, and settled down at home. Since then, he takes on 2 roles at once: both mother and father, so that the daughter does not feel a lack of anything.

Getting used to a new lifestyle was not easy, but now Bogdan manages to work, take care of his daughter, go with her to doctors and even play sports. And all this despite the fact that he himself has been suffering from diabetes for 12 years. He admits that from the moment Emilia appeared, he learned to do many things with one hand.

For the first six months, due to muscle tone, Emilia fell asleep only at 8 in the morning. Now the situation has improved: most often the girl dreams in the morning, sometimes at 3. True, however, there are still days when Bogdan sleeps for 2-3 hours. However, he does not like to talk about it on his blog. In life, there are already enough difficulties, and Bogdan wants to share positive and faith in the best with his readers.

“I try to fill this world with love. I want my child to get a piece of it too. When Emilia grows up, everything will already be in her hands.” He Said

After waking up and having breakfast, Emilia is put on dentures, and she is engaged with her family, working out the exercises that were shown in the rehabilitation center. For rehabilitation, the family travels to Poland, because, as Bogdan admits, in the centers of his country there is a lack of integrated work with children. All specialists – massage therapists, neurologists, rehabilitologists – he was looking for himself.

“I do not make any important decisions regarding Emilia. The opinion of the doctors plays a big role, but not always: the situation is non-standard and they were very often mistaken. For me it is much more important what my mother and brother – Emilia’s grandmother and godfather think “They are the closest people to Emilia, those who feel her.” – He Said

Bogdan feels a special connection with Emilia. Now he loves her in a completely different way from the first months. He feels the needs and desires of Emilia, even at a distance.

“I don’t know if this love can be called motherly, but it’s completely different than just father’s love.” He Said

Many ask Bogdan how he was able to put up with his daughter’s illness, to which he answers simply: this is his child, whom he loves. Every day he asks himself not “Why?” But “Why?”, And this supports him. His family, friends and the audience of the blog help him cope with difficulties – Bogdan never tires of thanking them for their kind words and financial help.

Bogdan is trying to share his world with Emilia, surround her with affection and care and do everything possible to make the girl feel herself part of her loving family. At one time, he even gave his daughter a promise to travel with her the whole world, and since then they often travel – health problems are not an obstacle for this. The family does not forget to remind Emilia that she is a wonderful child, and they try not to talk about the disease once again: they do not want the girl to feel like no other.

“Life immunity is formed in childhood by one important thing. It is called the” love that the parents give the child. “This immunity will help withstand any troubles in life.” He Said

Bogdan urges all parents to remember that no toys and gifts can replace the child with unforgettable moments spent with his family. This is what is put off forever in the head.

“The most valuable thing we can give our child is our time.” He Said

We bow to this person who does not seek reasons or blame, but simply tries to be a loving father and give his daughter a life full of warmth and care.

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