Why Marriage is Much Better Than Cohabitation

The opinion that getting married is not necessary at all: people practice guest marriage, free relations or simple cohabitation without registering a relationship. Is the stamp in the passport completely lost its meaning, or did marriage still have advantages?

We at Happy Worthy Life thought about this issue and found 9 good reasons why it is really worth registering a relationship.

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Marriage gives you more confidence in a strong relationship / Marriage and Cohabitation

9 Unobvious Reasons Why Marriage is Much Better Than Cohabitation
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And the matter is not only in the stereotype of “you need to get married, because it is so accepted.” Scientists have found that the brain really feels the difference between just living together and getting married: lovers who have legitimized their relationship feel much more comfortable with their partner and trust him more than those who simply meet or live with their chosen one. Marriage and Cohabitation

It turns out that legal spouses who really love and respect each other, more easily tolerate stress and failure, are less prone to depression. But unmarried couples, judging by the results of research, cannot boast of such advantages – even if their relationship has been going on for a long time.

Less trouble traveling together

9 Unobvious Reasons Why Marriage is Much Better Than Cohabitation
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It is easier for spouses to get seats next to each other in an airplane or train, as well as to settle in one room. Sometimes it happens that the hotel administration tries to identify a couple traveling together in different rooms if there is a drawback in double rooms. But legal spouses, as a rule, are easily settled in one room. And in a couple of countries, where a man and a woman do not have a stamp in their passport, it is almost impossible to settle in one room – for example, in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or in some hotels in Israel.

It is easier for legal spouses to move to another country together

9 Unobvious Reasons Why Marriage is Much Better Than Cohabitation

For example, a man was invited to work in another country. He will be helped to obtain a visa, citizenship, work permit and residence permit. If the invitee has a legal spouse, it will be much easier to take with them: an official marriage is a good reason to approve citizenship and give other documents to the spouse.

And if there was no official marriage, moving together for permanent residence in another country will be much more difficult.

Marriage makes people more careful

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Another plus of official marriage: most spouses increase their level of responsibility. They feel that the life of loved ones depends on them, and they understand the importance of safe driving or, for example, using a seat belt. The same applies to bad habits: married people often think about their health, so they are ready to give up smoking and alcohol.

Another good news: people who are in a happy marriage are really less at risk of heart attack and stroke, are less likely to get sick in general and are more successful in fighting cancer.

You do not have to explain to the child why his parents have different surnames

Most of us in childhood had a certain belief that mom and dad are husband and wife. We just did not take our family in a different way. Children understand where their middle name came from and why all family members have the same surname. Moreover, in kindergartens, educators teach the child to talk about themselves and loved ones, explain what a family is.

If the parents of the child are not married and have different surnames, the baby will sooner or later begin to ask questions: “Why is it like this for me, and for others differently? Is my family any wrong? ”And then the parents will have to (as gently as possible) explain to the child why mom and dad do not want to get married, and this conversation will be very difficult and, most likely, not the only one.

In addition, different surnames for the child and one of the parents can be inconvenient: when you contact different authorities, you will have to document the relationship each time.

Banks are more likely to trust customers who are married

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Most people find it difficult to buy an apartment or make a major purchase only at the expense of accumulated funds – often you have to apply for additional funds to the bank. And here difficulties arise: very strict requirements are made to borrowers, because no bank will want to take risks and give money to an unreliable person. Marriage and Cohabitation

In this case, legal spouses have an undeniable advantage: the bank is more willing to give credit to someone who is married, because in this case the spouse can act as a co-borrower and help with the payment of the debt.

In case of separation, there will be less property problems

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You lived together for 10 years and acquired a decent amount of household appliances and other expensive things. How to share the acquired, if the relationship cracked? It’s good when the breakup happens peacefully and it turned out to be agreed with the former partner. But what to do if you earned long and honestly on things that you now don’t want to give? Marriage and Cohabitation

If the marriage was formalized, each of the spouses has the right to half the property, and if a marriage contract was concluded, then all the nuances are written in it. They will not be able to drive you out of the jointly purchased apartment and the car you purchased will not be taken away from you – everything that you owned will remain yours.

Legal marriage helps partners become more successful / Marriage and Cohabitation

It turns out that partners who have legitimized their relationship really earn more: marriage has a beneficial and transformative effect on the behavior, emotional health and financial well-being of the spouses. And this is especially true for men: for example, on average in the USA, young husbands between the ages of 28 and 30 earn $ 15,900 more than their single peers. Marriage and Cohabitation

The thing is that married spouses are more motivated for career success. In addition, management prefers employees who already have a family – they are automatically added to the list of more responsible and hardworking.

Roommates make less effort to maintain a relationship / Marriage and Cohabitation

Famous family psychologist Debra MacLeod noticed an interesting pattern: 95% of her clients who want to resolve the conflict and forge a relationship are officially married. They are ready to spend money, time and effort to save the family and regain harmony. Marriage and Cohabitation

But among the cohabiting couples, the statistics are less comforting: the psychologist says that unmarried men are much less motivated to work on relationships. For them, family life is of less value.

In no case do we urge you to marry at any cost and marry only for legal benefits. Nevertheless, legalized relations have their undeniable advantages and are not inferior to the advantages of other types of relations.

What do you think of marriage? Do you think marriage really strengthens relationships or is it an outdated opinion that needs to be gotten rid of?

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