15+ Photos Taken a Split Second Before Happen

Each of us had a moment in our life that we would like to pause and rewind back. However, saying “If I knew where you would fall, I would have spread the straws” was invented for a reason. Most people were still lucky, and such cases remained only in their memory, well, maybe in the memory of a couple of accidental eyewitness. But heroes of our article managed to get on the photographs from the series “a second before”.

We sincerely hope that these little adventures did not become something negative for them, and that everything ended well in the end.

Until the big boom! 3 … 2 … 1 second left

We hope that nobody in this photo was hurt.

The fisherman obviously won’t put this picture on his desktop.

Here’s what happens if you open snack next to seagulls

The wave can be conquered

And this is definitely not a Venetian mask?

“Now you are catching up, and I am running away”

Wolf kiss

“Madam, you are not my type”

Cute, kind, fluffy friends

I accidently captured my bumper coming off when my brother was hitting a puddle!

Exactly one second before I was in the doghouse

A second before … hugs

 15+ Photos Taken a Split Second Before Happen

Right before a warning snip for touching her paws

I was walking around a local park with my camera when this lad asked me to photograph him hopping the bench.

“I tried not to get my shoes wet … In the next photo I’m in the river.”

If you have similar photos, show us in the comments.

What do you think?

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