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16 Mysterious Photos That You Don’t Understand What is Happening

Sometimes you see such photos that raise many questions and not a single adequate answer to them. In this case, it will be possible to get rid of obsessive thoughts about what actually happened only after you know the true course of the captured events.

It’s great that we will help you decipher the most mysterious photos or unexplained photos from the Internet.

1. “The way my silhouette appears within this circular rainbow.”

2. “This skyscraper casting a shadow onto the sky.”

3. “The exterior of the old library inside the new library.”

4. “I was trying to figure out why this guy wouldn’t stop staring at me from his car. Turns out it’s just an advertisement on the car behind it.”

5. “Carpet Python coming out to say hello at a service station, Australia.”

6. “This orthodontist chair that looks like a Lego man sitting.”

7. “This page was folded during the cutting stage of production, and must remain folded to be flush with the rest of the book.”

8. “Picture of what looks like a flaming sword in my fireplace.”

9. “The reflection on my hotel rooms window looks like a portal to somewhere.”

10. “Water coming out of an electrical pole.”

11. “This cell tower is disguised as a tree… In the middle of the desert…”

12. “Is it a wall or container of a truck?”

13. “Hurricane Irma eroded away the dune this pine tree was growing on. Talbot Island State Park, Nassau Co., Florida.”

14. “The sun melting ice on a bench into 3D cylinder shapes.”

15. “These lights were visible all over the sky yesterday. These are light pillars, caused by little ice crystals in the air that reflect the light of the light sources on the ground.”

16. “The building across the street reflected into my room.”

Which photo did you find the most mysterious photos?

What do you think?

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