16 People Who Don’t Need Mondays to Start a New Life

Life is not always easy and carefree, and we all went through a lot. Being a good person is not an easy task, especially when you feel unwell or unhappy. But sometimes a single gesture can completely change our attitude. Life is full of small events that give us hope and charge us with optimism.


Happy Worthy Life will present you today 19 dedicated heroes that can remind each of us of very important things.

1. “I shaved my hair off due to cancer and donated it for wigs!”

2. “My brother-in-law saved my life by donating a kidney to me this week”

3. A little girl pulled out a heater on the street for a cat during a cold snap

4. “A little student from my acting class found out that I love Harry Potter and did it for me!”

5. One baby girl sewed a special sleeve in the form of an animal, which is put on a dropper

6. Naval officers brought Christmas gifts to two boys who lost their mother

7. “I accidentally left a very important book in my car, and some kind person put it in a plastic bag to protect it from rain”

8. “My son wanted to thank the drivers of the delivery service for their hard work”

“Dear UPS, I hope you enjoy the treat from us.”


9. “Today, my 7-year-old daughter gave her hair to charity”

10. “This morning 2 hungry homeless pit bulls who ate trash in the rain on a busy street were found and saved”

11. “My son is disabled and loves motorsport. Eric Bana showed Cal his car and gave him an autographed Lamborghini cap

12. “Yesterday, I successfully found myself in the right place, learning about laboratory rats, which urgently needed shelter”


13. The doctor drew this after an injection

14. “I decided to sponsor the adoption of animals from the shelter. So when someone wants to take her home, all his expenses will already be covered. ”

15. 4 lanes stopped, letting them through

16. The owner of this car left the hatch open in the rain, returned and found it

What good deed touched you the most? Have you done these things yourself?

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