16 Photos That Will expand Your Understanding of the World in a Couple of Seconds

If we could all see with our own eyes the whale rocks or a strange fish from uncharted depths of the sea, or the world’s largest geoglyph, the creation of which no one has ever admitted, or, what the hell doesn’t joke, take a selfie in outer space, like astronaut Jessica Mair, we would definitely be happier. Indeed, while we are ready to be surprised, life will not disappoint us.

We at Happy Worthy Life are always looking for a reason to admire the outlandish and take a look at the unprecedented, and then show you. And here you have a new selection of amazing pieces. And at the end of the article you will find a bonus with a perspective that changes everything.

1. Armadillo in sleep mode

2. A sailor from Murmansk, Roman Fedortsov, shared a picture of a strange fish and asked the followers what it was called. It turned out to be a trigger fish

3. Cactus from the inside

4. Whale Rocks, Thailand

5. Man Murray , or the Giant of Stuart, is the largest geoglyph on Earth: its length is 2.7 km. It was discovered in Australia in 1998. Who and why created it is unknown

6. The nut that secures the main propeller to the helicopter is called the “Jesus nut,” because if it does not stand up, it remains to rely only on Jesus

7. Aul Kurush in Dagestan is located at an altitude of 2,560 m above sea level. Therefore, instead of the sea there are clouds

8. Strawberry Corn

9. “Amoeba that I saw through a microscope”

16 Photos That Will expand Your Understanding of the World in a Couple of Seconds
© LeekFever / Reddit  

10. If this tree were human, it could tell a very interesting story of its life.

11. The empty interior of the Boeing 787

12. Cocoa pod with beans inside: what future chocolate looks like

16 Photos That Will expand Your Understanding of the World in a Couple of Seconds

13. Ambulance in Tiksi, Yakutia

14. A piece of wall on which graffiti was applied many times

15. Astronaut Jessica Meir published a selfie in outer space

Bonus: when you look at our planet from the Pacific Ocean, it seems that there are no people on Earth …

And can you flash in a conversation with interesting facts about which usually no one knows? Which ones?

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