16 Stranger Things People Showed That They Consider Ridiculous and Ugly, but Continue to Store Them at Home

Even in a small apartment there is a place for completely useless or simply ridiculous little things. We keep some as a memory, others are a pity to throw out, but we just forgot about the others a long time ago. It’s all the more fun to find such a thing and remember where it came from.

We are sure that almost every one of us in our bins has an awkward trinket, if not just one. These 16 people decided to show the whole world incomprehensible and unpretentious things that were found in their home.

1. “The mother-in-law asked a colleague to draw my daughter in the style of Andy Warhol. I love this picture, although it is ugly. “

2. “Let me introduce you to Catherine the Great. She was a Christmas present from her parents. And I still don’t know what I did to deserve it. ”

3. “I gave this turtle to my mother when I was 6”

4. “This painting is almost a meter wide and hangs over my sofa”

5. “This is Sid. He also has a lion’s tail. Love him”

6. Apparently this was a custom-made souvenir from Jersey Zoo. What animal it’s actually meant to represent is, and probably always shall be a mystery.

7. “I made this cup in my childhood in the modeling class. I like that she’s funny and creepy at the same time. “

8. “I gave it to my friend. Well, I hope she is still my friend. But she apparently loves me so much that she returned this beauty back to me. “

9. “This is the best I’ve ever spent $ 5 on”

10. “In general, the doll belongs to my mother, but you just look at her”

11. “When we were sorting things out in my grandmother’s house, my mother insisted that I keep this thing. I have no idea what it is “

12. “We call it the“ angry cat from shells ”. He also plays a tune. ”

13. This (cursed) painting that my mum commissioned of my children – who don’t look anything like these scary things. I’d throw it out but I’m sure it’d come back!

14. “My grandparents have these monstrous things made from real lobster claws”

15. “My daughter at age 5: carefully and lovingly chose this gift for me. My daughter at age 12: “Mom, where did you get this disgusting watch?”

16. “My parents have a little man on a monocycle in the toilet”

And what are the most absurd things you keep? And for what?

What do you think?

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