17 Cases When People are Faced with Something Inexplicable

Despite the fact that in modern society common sense, logic and absolute contempt for the supernatural rule the ball, almost every second person believes in ghosts. And also in demons and other evil spirits. Some argue that they exist, while others simply assume that they can exist.

Happy Worthy Life tickled our nerves after reading mystical stories that happened to real people. However, sometimes mysticism has a completely rational explanation, so at the end of the article you will find a small bonus.

  • 4th grade, winter. My friends and I were leaving school. It was already evening, dark. As usual, we stopped to chat, and then I hear music. Great singing with accompaniment, mostly voices sounded quite loud. I heard: very beautiful. Then the girlfriends ask me why I’m stuck. I say: “The music is beautiful, hear?” They are at a loss. I asked my aunt passing by if she heard music. She looked at me like a fool and went on. The music died down in a couple of minutes. I did not understand what it was. © krysya / pikabu
  • She came from a date at about 11 pm and did not turn on the light. Walked around the house to the touch. In the corridor I came across my dog, stroked her. And when I went into the bedroom and turned on the light, I saw that the dog was sleeping on my bed. © Lyn27 / reddit
  • I dreamed very vivid and as if real dreams. I began to record them. After a few weeks, feeling deja vu, I realized that my dreams were coming true. We were with a friend on the show, and I said to him: “Now a tearful blonde who has lost friends in the crowd will come up to us.” A few minutes later, a girl really approached us. My friend was extremely impressed. © VTtoOR / reddit

17 Cases When People are Faced with Something Inexplicable
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  • I was driving when something exploded in the car. I just thought that it could be how my husband called. He was in a panic and shouted into the phone: “What happened? You just called me! ”I decided that he mixed me up with someone. And when I arrived home, my husband said that at the very moment when the car exploded, I called him and started crying into the phone. © Pav Pascale / quora
  • All events took place in the early 1990s. We came to relatives for a wake. At the height of the event, my sister disappeared. They were looking for the whole village. Her mother roared for days on end. Even my father got out of hard drinking. A month later, they were reported missing. And then once grandmother went to the hayloft, and there the little sister sleeps peacefully. Grandma sat down already. Sleeping in the manger, wearing the same dress. Hair is braided in the same way. Even the weight has not changed. Doesn’t remember anything. © GIBORYAN / pikabu
  • Got on the surgical table. Anesthesia – and very nice visions. I feel like they hit me painfully on the forehead. “Open your eyes!” – a nurse in a hat up to eyebrows, a bandage and huge glasses. “Come to your senses!” – and continues to tap his forehead with a finger. “Natasha, don’t,” I resist. “How do you know that I’m Natasha?” – “But I don’t know. To me there, – I roll my eyes at the ceiling, – they said. ” An amazed nurse took care of me until discharge. And I still don’t know what it was. © Plu6ka11485 / pikabu

17 Cases When People are Faced with Something Inexplicable
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  • I was 7 years old. I stayed overnight with my grandparents, but did not want to sleep, so at night I went down to the basement and played cars there. Suddenly my uncle arrived – and we played for an hour with him downstairs. Then he left because he was late for the train. Grandmother and grandfather, when I told them about this, they decided that my imagination was in full swing, because my uncle died when I was about 2 years old. I still don’t know who then entered the house and introduced myself as my relative. © Stratiform / reddit
  • 4 times I dreamed of a strange dusty room, an old metal kettle on the table, 2 bunk iron beds, a ray of sunshine breaking into the room, and dust particles in its light. Very distinct and detailed. After 7 years he entered the university and settled in the hostel. On the 3rd course, I directly saw this moment and realized that this is the same room. It was strange, terribly and insulting, that these dreams did not carry any practical purpose. It seems like it was hooked by the edge of the mystical, but in the end it passed by. © ezhi59 / pikabu
  • When I was 7 years old, my parents bought a hamster. I played with him all day, and then took him to my bed and fell asleep. When he woke up, the hamster was already dead. I complained to my parents, and they said that the hamster lived with us for a year before he died. But I do not remember this year. The feeling is that I fell asleep, slept 365 days and woke up. © l524k / reddit
  • One day during a family dinner, a nephew of about 5 approached me and said: “Aunt, I had a dream about a demon in your closet.” My sister and I looked at each other. In childhood, it seemed to me that I saw a certain creature in the closet. It really scared me. But my nephew couldn’t know about it, so I asked: “What do you mean?” “I dreamed that there was a demon. I beat him so that he no longer bothers you. ” © Jennifer Nix / quora

17 Cases When People are Faced with Something Inexplicable
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  • I lost the keys in a friend’s house. He used spare parts for a whole week, and then found his own on the seat of a car that was parked near my house for 1,000 km from the place where I lost them. © gninnep / reddit
  • Last night I played poker, and at the table with me sat a guy in a sweatshirt with a space print. The strongest deja vu happened: a year ago I dreamed what was happening at that moment. I knew exactly which cards would come out. They came out, and I won a large sum of money. © peachyfuzzle / reddit
  • Mom dropped the remote. He fell on the couch and fell inside. Shaken pillows – it is not. Dismantled the sofa – still no. Shocked sofa – no sounds. Six months have passed, and the remote control continues to be found somewhere in the void. © Addison Taylor Rich / quora
  • As a child, I always went to bed earlier than my parents. I never closed the door, but laid my back to it. In the mornings it turned out that at night my mother wrapped me warmly and closed the door. That was until I was 13 years old and we did not move. The first night I woke up from the fact that no one had wrapped me up, and the door remained open. I thought that my mother now considers me too adult for such nonsense, and I began to close the door myself.
  • A few weeks ago, she and I were already talking about my daughter, who is now 10 years old. I said that I stopped wrapping her up at night, and asked if it was too early, because they stopped wrapping me at 13. Mom laughed and said that she stopped doing this when I was 6. I clarified, and she replied: “I stopped to do this when you yourself began to close the door to the room. ” © Angela King / quora

17 Cases When People are Faced with Something Inexplicable
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  • My sister boarded the flight. Airplane in the air, quiet neighbors, smiling stewardesses. Nothing portends trouble. At some point, a man sitting next to him puts his headphones aside, asks to look after the bags and goes about his business. 10, 15 minutes. The minutes go by, now they have brought a second lunch. There is no neighbor. On landing, he did not appear. It would seem that maybe he found an empty spot in business class and slept the whole flight, and then left with everyone. But we cannot think of the reasons why the passenger leaves bags, electronics and boots. It remains to conclude that he disappeared from the 8-hour flight. © v.atran / pikabu
  • We went with a 5-year-old daughter to visit relatives for a couple of days. By evening, the daughter began to get nervous and ask for home, insisted, cried. I had to go back. An old dad stayed at home. They called and knocked for about 40 minutes. They barely got it. They entered – everything was paired up and the kettle on the stove had already boiled away. Father, it turns out, put the kettle on and fell asleep. © ckwo / pikabu
  • I walked around the city at night, staring at the phone. Before crossing the street, I looked at the traffic light and on the road, if the car was traveling. I almost crossed over and saw a car rushing right at me. After a moment I open my eyes and understand that I’m standing a couple of meters from the road, and the traffic light is red. © 0 × 000004 / reddit

Bonus: sometimes mysticism is nothing more than imagination

  • I was 13 years old and left alone at home. When I went to bed, I turned off the light, and in the next room I began to play the piano. I decided to pull myself together and go check. The piano played as if someone had beaten it with a hand. I open the door and the sounds stop: my cat sits on the keys. © tarmalonchik / pikabu
  • One o’clock at night, alone at home, parents left for the cottage. I lie on the sofa in the living room with a laptop, the light is on only next to me. Suddenly I notice a glow in my room, then I hear a bubbling. Someone turned on the TV! Sneaking into the room through the kitchen, taking a knife there. I rummage around the whole room, then the whole apartment – nobody. As a result, until dawn, she sat on the sofa in an embrace with a knife. In the morning I called dad, told everything. How he laughed! It turns out that he decided to play a trick on me and turned on the alarm clock on the TV before leaving. © directorcirca / pikabu
  • He rode alone in the summer on a bicycle, and went far from the village. I am sitting on a stone, basking in the sun. Suddenly a voice calls me by name, and the voice is familiar! Around the field – and nobody. For a few seconds I was shaking with fear until I heard “alle!” And “alle, damn it!” This phone in the pocket of the shorts turned on and dialed the number. After that, I don’t favor push-button phones. © Mariotto / pikabu

Have you ever had mystical or pseudo mystical stories?

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