17 Stranger Things You’ve Never Seen Before In Your Life

It seems like that you have already seen everything stranger, the world always surprises us. Fortunately, today everyone has a camera at hand and you can see many stranger things. And if it was not possible to explain what he saw, then among users there will certainly be someone who knows.

We hardly guessed what is happening in these photos. We hope you will also discover a lot of new things. And in the bonus you will find a rare case of the development of love relationships.

“What is this strange circle in the sky? Many people stopped to take a photo “

My friend actually makes smoke rings professionally…or whatever being a crazy circus type fire performer is when you’re really good at it. This looks just like what he does. UsernameCheckOuts / Reddit

“How could this have happened?”

Looks like a landslide and some how the tree got stuck on the power lines. onefanpornstar / Reddit

Lightning blew the head off this screw and left a neat scorch mark.

“This morning I found a frog that still had a tail like a tadpole.”

“What else is this ‘miracle eye’ on my old watch?”

This is a light sensor that can be turned on and off. When on the clock will not make chime noises unless it senses light. This way at night it does not wake people up. b3rr14ul7 / Reddit

“The pattern on this tree stump looks like a Starry Night painting.”

It’s called a burl and it’s caused by a bacteria or fungus that is feeding off the tree, so they can get more food they rewrite how the tree grows and it causes this beautiful pattern which can be a lot more expensive then a regular piece of wood. Roctopus420 / Reddit

This is what happens when you polish a coconut.

I accidentally left a bowl of beet juice on the counter and the top layer rippled

Extremely rare & injured albino crow that just landed on my balcony

Rust formed on this old spool of wire in one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen

This picture my wife took is of a spider disguised in a flower attacking a fly that is masquerading as a wasp.

What is this slack in power lines? What purpose does it serve?

The digital TV cable consists of aluminum and steel base. Aluminum expands in summer and shrinks to a much greater extent than steel in winter. If this bend did not exist, the cable would break. © LPHuston / Reddit

“My brother captured the lightning at the perfect moment. Photo has not been edited “

If you’ve seen so many tiny frogs in one place

These two moths in my garden look exactly like pieces of twig.

Comet C / 2020 F3 (NEOWISE). It is visible after sunset from about 10 July. On July 23, it will be at the closest distance to us, and then it will begin to move away

Bonus: “Yes, you can leave the friend zone”

What rare phenomena or stranger things did you manage to see?

Photo by  of_james / reddit

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