19 Cool Ideas Came to People from All Over the World

Every day in the world hundreds of ideas are generated by a variety of people in different places on the globe. It’s good that we have the Internet, thanks to which we can learn about the cool design of traffic lights in Denmark, funny haunted signs in Poland and grandmother therapy on the African continent.

We always with all its hands and feet for its creative approach to creating smart and aesthetic things and want to show you 19 cool ideas from people all over the world.

1. Instead of a green man in Denmark you can meet a Viking

2. The Berlin Museum has versions of paintings that you can touch

This allows blind people to literally touch the beautiful.

3. Inclined ballot box on a Danish cycle path

The ballot box is adapted for the comfort of passing cyclists: in this position, it is convenient to throw garbage in the basket.

4. Funny warning sign in an old Polish castle

5. Art installation at the entrance to the subway in Sweden

6. Islands of calm on French trains

Talking on the phone in such areas is not accepted. Tickets can be booked in advance.

7. Eiffel Tower Fork

Cutlery from a restaurant on one of the floors of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

9. Green Hotel

In Singapore, pay great attention to landscaping, and the enterprises have the recommended percentage of the area that needs to be covered with greenery.

10. “Sunny” poster of a Japanese film

A Japanese movie picture is printed on both sides of the paper. Thus, in the light you can see the whole image.

11. Two-in-one fork from a Chinese restaurant

It can be used as a fork or by dividing the halves, like Chinese chopsticks.

12. Free bags for sorting garbage in Austria

Residents of Austrian cities sort plastic into special yellow bags. At the end of the year, ten bags are distributed to residents. They are delivered free of charge and left at the door. They are accompanied by a schedule for the removal of such garbage – respectively, 9 times a year.

13. Pool at a Texas hotel

14. The sign in New Zealand Woodville shows the distance to all cities with the same name

15. Baguette-shaped handle

Baguette is one of the main symbols of France. This long and thin bread has been baked here since the mid-18th century.

16. Free New Zealand police gift wrapping for Christmas

17. This bridge in Germany is painted in the style of Lego.

18. Building in Bahrain with three wind turbines

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Between the towers of the World Trade Center in Bahrain, 3 centrifugal wind power generators were installed. They produce up to 1,100 megawatts of electricity per year.

19. Grandma therapy (Zimbabwe)

Dixon Chibanda, director of the African Mental Health Research Initiative, came up with the idea of ​​involving grandmothers in helping people with major depression. Indeed, grandmothers, like no one else, know how to listen. The project is called “Benches of friendship.” As part of it, older women take special courses, after which they spend their first session, during which patients simply pour out their souls.

Do you have any Cool Ideas?

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